You and your body are in this together…..

Research shows that people who have close relationships and supportive social structures live longer and healthier lives. It is in the connection, which is what I believe Love is in its many forms and it purest form, that we are in tune with the cosmic order.


As Above; So Below. As Within: So Without. The microcosm and the macrocosm. All is one and all is created to function within an organised and harmonic order and that order is sourced in connection at physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. It is sourced in Love, as all that is, which connects all that is.


 There can in fact be no disconnection but we can feel disconnected, we can believe we are disconnected and that sense of separation or disconnection will create confusion, discord and fear at all levels including the cellular, the molecular, the atomic – because all is one.


Understanding how our cells work can provide insight into how everything works. Nobel laureate Christian de Duve has described the ability for cells to communicate with each other and to recognise molecular messages, as molecular complementarity.


He has this to say:


‘Biological information transfer is based on chemical complementarity, the relationship that exists between two molecular structures that fit one another closely – a dynamic phenomenon as the two partners are not rigid. When they embrace, they mould themselves to each other to some extent. Embrace leads to binding.’


So, just as we at our mind and body level communicate, embrace, mould and bind in relationship, so do our cells.  When cells are not fully ‘connected’ they become confused about who they are, about who others are, about the messages they receive and about the answers they need to give.  We are no different.


And that is why when we are grounded in connected, read loving and meaningful, relationships, we are protected to some degree when we experience ‘disconnection’ in other relationships. When old, loving, deep and powerful relationships experience ‘disconnection’ for whatever reason we become confused and unable to read signals and messages properly, and unable to connect as we once might have done.


When this happens to a cell the potential for dis-ease increases to varying degrees depending on the ‘stability’ of the organism as a whole.


One wonders if the reason why a cell turns ‘rogue’ and morphs into a cancer cell is because it has become confused and ‘forgotten’ who and what it is and lost the ability to recognise ‘friends’ and the support that ‘friends’ can offer and so, from a place of fear and a desperate urge to ‘survive’ it embarks upon a course of rebellion; a civil war in fact within the body, where it co-opts, often by deception, others to its cause and runs riot at the cellular level.


The cell if you like becomes paranoid and loses the ability to rationally and intuitively ‘read’ its world and everything in it. That can happen when relationships founder and it often does. The way your cells work is the way you work.

There must be many things which create confusion in our cells, subject as they are to environmental influences, more so today than ever before in cellular history. But what would be more likely than most to ‘create’ confusion in a cell as it goes about its business of recognising ‘self’ and ‘other’; identifying threats; reading messages from its environment and from other cells and molecular entities?

Something which confuses us more than anything and which can have a long-lasting influence because it destroys our trust and makes us doubt ourselves, is when we are tricked! One of the major influences in our lives today, from in utero until death, for some more than others, is pharmaceutical drugs. And many of these drugs, probably most, work on the basis of ‘tricking’ the body into accepting them as ‘self’ when in fact they are ‘other,’; tricking the body into thinking they are ‘safe,’ when often they are not, and in essence functioning in our bodies as ‘imposters,’ which is what they are.

Most drugs are made from synthetic chemicals, compounds, molecules, structures, which are not found in nature but are synthesized by medicinal chemists in pharmaceutical industry labs.  The reason this happens is because a natural ingredient cannot be patented but a synthetic can. It is all about profit, sourced in an arrogant disregard for the wisdom of the body.

Have you ever wondered why drugs have ‘side effects?’  It is because a natural drug will be able to ‘dock’ perfectly with the cell, to ‘fit’ with the cell as nature intended and for the ‘conversation’ to then take place which will lead to the drug having an effect. Synthesized drugs are not natural and therefore cannot ‘dock’ with a cell as nature intended and so the ‘misfit’ or ‘partial fit’ is what leads to side-effects.

One imagines that a natural drug docking perfectly with a cell will be able to have a clearer conversation than the synthetic version, which must, by its nature be less well ‘understood’ by the cell with which it is trying to communicate. With cancer rates now one in two as opposed to one in ten in 1900, and the development of the pharmaceutical industry now just over eighty years old, one can only wonder how much of a part this plays.

We know already with iatrogenic, or doctor or medical induced, as the third biggest killer with the biggest factor being pharmaceutical drugs, that prescribed medication is often dangerous if not deadly.

Adverse reactions to legally-prescribed drugs is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. According to the American Medical Association, legally prescribed pharmaceuticals kill approximately 106,000 hospitalized patients annually, are responsible for an estimated 198,000 related annual deaths and necessitate 23% of all hospitalizations.

If a body subjected to ‘invaders’ in the form of ‘imposters’ as drugs, then depending on sensitivity, would it be surprising if some cells just become so confused that they lose their ability to identify who is friend and who is foe and resort to a paranoid position of ultimate defence, picking up some of the traits of the invaders and resorting to deception, disguise and desperation in order to survive.

Perhaps those people who survive such ‘civil wars’ and rogue rebellions as cancer, are those who, for whatever reason, have a capacity to ‘remember’  and more importantly, to re-member, at the cellular level, who and what they are. Given the power of the mind and its impact on how our body works, one can presume that a similar level of understanding, at the mind level and the heart level, our spiritual source, can play an important part. What you think is what you are at every level, down to the molecular.


 The same applies to us as complete human beings which is why, close and supportive relationships and solid social support systems are so important.


People matter but sometimes some people will matter more than others because they are the ones with whom we are truly connected in a meaningful, loving relationship.


And our cells matter for they are the foundation of all that we are in this material world anyway.


One can also wonder, given the capacity of our cells to receive and process ‘messages’ what effect it has on them when our mind sends out messages to our body that we fear, hate, distrust, reject or dismiss any part of it. We would not do that to someone we love and with whom we have a meaningful relationship, but so many do it to their bodies.


To be fair, materialistic (based on a simple understanding of the body) and mechanistic science/medicine encourages it with a ‘war-like’ stance toward disease and a battlefield approach to symptoms. It is the system as it stands and systems drive behaviour.


And because most people put a great deal of faith in science/medicine,t he faith they once put in religion, that is  the most common approach and what people instinctively do when faced with a symptom or a disease, both of which are the language the body uses to ‘talk’ to us and the vehicle it uses to express what needs to be expressed – the source of the dis-ease.


We not only need to work on our relationship with others but we need to work on our relationship with ourselves, at all levels, including the cellular, if we are to be fully connected and in harmony with the cosmic process. In fact, one could argue, that connecting with and remaining in harmony with, our cells, will contribute to greater harmony in general – as within, so without.


Things happen, relationships change, circumstances change, we change but in this life it is us and the magical cosmos of our cellular construct and identity which are in it together for the long haul.  We may lose everything but as long as we live we will have our body and that relationship will be the one which ultimately supports us the most, whatever else life may bring.


Look upon your body not just as your best friend, but as your only lasting friend, for in essence, it is. You came into this world as one and your suffering is as one. When you leave this world you will leave your body behind but in this world you and your body will always be one.


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6 Responses to You and your body are in this together…..

  1. Khismet says:

    This is so wonderful and deeply profound. As someone with both autoimmune disease and PTSD, I can very acutely apprehend and relate to the metaphor.

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  3. I love this perspective, and totally agree, particularly with the part about pharmaceuticals not ‘docking’. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and have become increasingly intolerant of all medication; I have always had the impression that I was betraying my body by taking anything.

    • rosross says:

      Most highly sensitive people need much less than others of any medication. Less is more being the approach. If you have to take something do not feel guilty but do your best to avoid allopathic medications and vaccinations because they are all toxic synthetic challenges for the body.

  4. rosross says:

    Sorry to hear that. Remember the body is a miracle of healing if you support it as naturally as possible. Lots of good, solid sleep with no electrical or techo toys in the bedroom. I gave up vaccines decades ago, and was fine, even living in India and four African countries so I certainly was not going to put my arm out for the genetic treatment called a vaccine.

    But for those who did, and I know a lot, the body is more than capable of destroying mere mortal medical meddling. It may just take time. Best of luck.

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