What is this thing called fear?

Which complicates the world,

serves little purpose even when

a danger nearby lurks. Why do

we fear so much, instinctive

and inbred, when dangers will

be better done, where fear is

not at work? And yet we are

hard-wired, to viscerally react,

as if the lion was waiting,

when nothing’s truly there.

No doubt in aeons past, it

saved us from ourselves, but

calmness held with courage

will best meet any threat.

These demons of the mind

haunt every jungled thought,

and walk on padded feet

through days and nights

distraught, refusing all the

pleas, ignoring all the calls,

to sleep in patient caution,

till danger truly forms.

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This is the way the world ends……

This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but a whimper.

T.S. Eliot, The Hollow Men.

The reaction to Covid has reminded me that the most dangerous human quality is fear, particularly irrational fear.  Covid-19, or fear of Covid, has turned many into hollow men and women, blown by the winds of fear, turning always on the same spot of psyche.

Humans have faced many threats throughout their long history and Covid-19 does not even rank amongst the worst of them. And yet, in an instant, people in the name of fear have given up hard-won freedoms. Our ancestors who fought across centuries for those freedoms and often died for them, must be turning in their graves.

One thing is certain, if the fear-donkeys and modelling-monkeys had worked their magic on the public, as they have with Covid, in the face of either the First or Second World War, those conflicts would have been well and truly lost.

Never before in human history, not even for truly deadly diseases, have the well been locked up to counter a possible disease threat. We have certainly broken new ground with the Covid madness.

We have not been ‘bringing out our dead,’ or for most of us, even tending them through long, deadly nights. Few of us know anyone who has been really sick, supposedly with Covid, and fewer still, anyone who died. But, the power-jockeys have been telling us – be afraid, be very afraid.

When you crunch the numbers it is pretty clear that Covid is not such a threat and indeed, its ‘severity’ differs depending upon country, which is certainly not the case with severe Flu epidemics or pandemics, which have respected no-one, of any age, in any situation.

The Covid mortality rate in Australia is .004% roughly, although the Covid ‘season’ has been twice as long as a Flu season, and, if faecal sewer studies are correct, possibly four times as long as a Flu season. The 2017 bad Flu season in Australia had a mortality rate of about .005%, although that was in half the time of the official Covid ‘season. The majority of those said to have died of Covid had such poor health that the common cold could have finished them off. And perhaps it did, given that Covid is a variation on the viral theme of the common cold.

We have those in power spreading fear and hysteria based on dodgy data. They have not been making comparisons of mortality with severity and infection identification, which pretty quickly reveals that Covid at worst is no more than a bad Flu season, which has not had us imprisoned in our homes, gasping behind ridiculous masks, refusing to kiss and hug those we love.

Perhaps the most astonishing thing is how many have gone along with this advice without even bothering to do some work researching health, disease, Influenza or Covid themselves, let alone applying common sense. What happened? Where did the sort of grit, guts, determination, courage, common sense and reason which founded this country go?

What turned so many into timid, fearful creatures so easily manipulated in the name of a possible danger?

George Orwell’s 1984 should be a compulsory read for everyone and top of the list for kids in school, instead of meringue fantasies like Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu.

This is how easy it is to become enslaved by systems; to become tools of agendas; to become puppets of fear.  Thank the rebels for they are our greatest hope and power. The warning voices are often ignored if not actively silenced as we have seen with Covid. Many doctors and some scientists have spoken against the official ‘story’ as voices of reason and just as quickly disappeared. Fortunately there are always voices of dissent even if they die on literal or metaphorical pyres in the name of dogma.

Without them, the only sound is the slow, sad sigh of the air of life and hope, escaping from the balloon of humanity which once sought to rise high, brave and proud, and now softens in a pathetic dribble of gutless fear in the name of one, poorly identified, barely understood disease which is not a threat to 99% of people.

But life is cyclical, not linear, and we have been here before and made our way through. We will do it better and faster if we do not succumb to fear for that response is the worst basis for decision-making even when there really is something which threatens us, as opposed to the demons of our imagining and the monsters of the manipulators.

We teach our children not to fear the monsters of the dark and we would do well to remember the lesson ourselves. For we, as adults, should know better. We as adults should do better. There are many ways to die and as a favourite aunt of mine so frequently said: Many people die long before they are dead.

To paraphrase the poet Dylan Thomas-

‘rage, rage against the dying of the light’ of reason, common sense and courage, for life contains a myriad of threats and demons and how we deal with one dictates whether we grow in courage or in fear for all the rest in their eternal, cycling winging around this world.

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The owl

The owl called through the night,

Whoo, Whoo, Whoo, as if it sought

itself, or its mate, or an echo of being

in the darkness, driving through

slow rain and dribbling hours

when nothing more could be

said, than Whoo, Whoo, in

ancient expectation of a cry

to answer his deep yearning,

which was also mine.

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When fascist medicine becomes a dangerous norm

Any Government would have to be very careful about mandatory vaccination.

We are already seeing more and more people questioning vaccines which to my mind is a good thing given how they are made, what they contain and what they are designed to do. Most people have little idea and their doctors and nurses have even less.

I don’t believe in conspiracies, but, systems drive behaviour, and, in the Allopathic medical system, it is dogma that vaccines are safe and the ability to question them does not exist, let alone identifying, recognising or admitting that someone has been harmed by them.

Even in countries like the US and UK which have vaccine injury compensation programmes, it is estimated the majority of injuries are overlooked if not simply denied.

The more people know about vaccines the more cautious many will become. Most of those summarily dismissed as anti-vaxxers were once pro-vaxxers and did as they were told, until they or a child was injured, or someone they loved died because of vaccines. Then they began to research and when that happens, there is no turning back.

Are people truly comfortable with the thought that they, let alone their babies and children, will be injected with a brew of animal, human and bird material, along with a cocktail of synthetic chemicals and DNA which has been ‘altered’ in diseases and in general? Do we truly know what the long-term effects may be of combining animal, human and bird material, messing around with genes and injecting it into the human body might do?

It used to be said that to fully know outcomes science-medicine required two generations to grow up living relatively normal lives, the first giving birth to the second. If we take 70 as a reasonable age, that makes 140 years and since the max-vax age began about 40 years ago, we have around a century to go. Or, in wiser times, we would have done. All such caution has now been thrown to the wind in the name of hubris and greed.

And how about the process for which a vaccine is designed? To confuse and trick the immune system, in the case of anyone under 14, an immature immune system, into reacting to a non-threat. How can that be good? Do we really benefit from an easily confused immune system? How can we if a confused cell is what we call Cancerous?

Oh, and there has been and is talk and who knows it may be happening, about using Cancer cells in vaccine manufacture. They last longer, don’t die as easily and it saves money. Can that possibly be without risk?

But, anyone who begins to discover these facts is going to ask more questions. Any mandatory vaccine will accelerate that process even more than is happening already. If they want people to remain uninformed, gullible, fearful and easily manipulated so they can keep vaccinating like maniacs, and shovelling in the money, then they need to proceed with caution on any vaccine and drop the idea for mandatory.

Even coercion is not going to work for a rushed-through vaccine, for a disease which is little threat to most people.
I would like to see the end of the max-vax age but I doubt the vaccine nazis in science, medicine, pharma and government would, so I am sure there will be some sane voices of reason on the issue, to quell dissent and calm the masses.

Little was done to warn people during the Fifties Polio epidemic that vaccinating children for Diptheria and other diseases during this time, predisposed them to Severe Paralytic Polio, paralysis usually beginning at the injection site. An article, discussing this, by Kevin Norbury, Suffer
The Little Children, was published by The Age some years ago but is now no longer available online. Why would that be?

Having copied and filed the article, as one must in regard to vaccine information, I can post here the following:

Quote: …….The Lancet in April 1950 linking polio with whooping cough and diphtheria immunisation.

The revelatory research, as it happens, was done by Dr Bertram McCloskey, the Victorian Health Department’s polio officer. His report in The Lancet makes disturbing reading, even today. McCloskey reports that 375 cases of polio were notified in Victoria between January and August 1949, and of the 340 cases investigated, 211 of these had ”a history of previous immunisation against whooping cough and/or diphtheria”. This showed, he wrote, that there was ”considerable evidence that a correlation between inoculation and poliomyelitis infection existed in this epidemic”.

Some warnings were given and the situation is now discussed as Polio Provovation, but little was done to halt or limit vaccination because those in control did not want to diminish public faith in vaccines.

A few dead or paralysed kids is a small price, it seems, if public faith in the cult-like dogma of vaccination is maintained. So, don’t kid yourselves that those pushing vaccines care,even if they continue to spout their ‘good intentions.’ And sure, vaccination was initially developed because of good intentions, but has become fanatical purely in the name of less noble qualities.

There is so much ego, power, prestige, money, faith invested in vaccines that any suggestion vaccines are dangerous, which they are, will threaten that pyramid scheme significantly. And then what? Compensating all those already harmed by vaccines?

But, hey, it is only the future of our children and humanity which is at stake if we fail to ask questions and demand answers and accountability.

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Seduced by certainty

we wandered, through

days and nights of

hope, denying in the

darkness, that surety

was lost. Twas only

an illusion, a dream

of what might be,

and in the fleeting

flounces, her skirt

was drifting free.

For certainty is

temptress, a whore

of lies and fear,

who mocks in

fallow dreaming,

this world as it

appears. Brocade

her trim, and finely

wrought, to turn

our heads away

from life’s pure,

painful hurting –

long has she held

the day.

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Chill days

Cold creeps like an uneasy guest

on these chill days. Short in stature,

dragging darkened robes, which

billow into night. So they pass.

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We betray our children

In an age when some, perhaps many, express outrage about the treatment of people with dark skin, particularly when it relates to our increasingly distant history, I can only ponder the double standards at work.

And I would add a qualifier, discrimination of any kind, against any person, for any reason, regardless of the colour of their skin is always to be rejected. Neither am I talking about any wrongs committed in these times but the current fashion to decry Europeans in the past, and their descendants today, for the colonisation of Australia. Excluding of course all those who have been sanitized by possessing some Aboriginal ancestry even though they be blue-eyed blondes. The power of some black ancestry can cleanse any sin it seems which is an indicator of the religious nature of this cult of hatred toward ‘whites.’

But, back to the current source of rage for some – how dark-skinned people were treated by white-skinned people in the past. For all of the outrage at the fact that the Europeans colonised Australia, (some of those brown-skinned if not black-skinned, but we can presume they counted as nominal ‘whites) why is there never outrage for wrongs done to white-skinned people? And why is colonisation by ‘whites’ a crime and colonisation by ‘blacks’ not a crime? The Indians colonised, the Africans colonised, the Asians colonised, the peoples who came to be called Aboriginal were migrants and colonisers but none of those are condemned. Only Europeans are condemned for doing something which was a key part of human evolution – migrating, colonising, settling new lands in a bid for a better life.

It seems that while the colonisation of Australia by Europeans was an egregious wrong, the many colonisations of Britain and every country in Europe was not a wrong. Neither was the colonisation of black-skinned people in Africa by brown-skinned and black-skinned people in Africa. And the colonisation of various tribal groups in Australia by other black or brown-skinned people, all of them later coming to be called Aboriginal, was not wrong either.

The enslavement of Africans by Europeans was an egregious wrong, it is said. But the enslavement of brown-skinned people, the Arabs, who came before the Europeans was not such a wrong. The enslavement of Africans by other Africans was definitely not a wrong and the many enslavements of white-skinned Europeans by Indians, Arabs, Mongols and other brown-skinned peoples was not a wrong either.

When Europeans killed Aboriginal men, women and children, even in retaliation for terrible slaughters of their own women and children, that was an appalling wrong, but, when Aborigines slaughtered other Aboriginal men, women and children in different tribes that was not a wrong. Neither was it wrong for Aborigines to slaughter European men, women and children. Yes, one can see the mitigating factors of fighting for their land but bashing out the brains of women and children, including babies, is a bit of a stretch surely? Or not! Because when dark-skinned people kill white-skinned people that is okay?

We have seen people with white skin, who have done no wrong, kneeling in submission to people with black skin, supposedly to apologise for any crime ever committed in human history against someone with black skin by someone with white skin. Who in their right mind would accept that the murder committed by their father or mother was their responsibility, their guilt, their crime? No-one. And yet, here we see people today, accepting as their crimes, acts committed by people in the past and present, simply because they share a similar colour of skin, i.e. ‘white.’

What lesson does a ‘white’ skinned child learn when he or she sees adults cowering in this way? Nothing good, that is for sure. A sense of their own evil, an encouragement for self-hatred, a loathing for all white-skinned people in human history regardless of any great good they have done? What does a ‘black’ skinned child learn? That a bit of colour to their skin makes them innocent, pure, a victim and that any crime they commit will be forgiven and is justified?

When crime becomes colour-coded we have moved into a dangerous mindset. As it is, even in modern Australia, any crime committed by someone with some Aboriginal ancestry, regardless of how bad the crime, is very likely to receive a lenient sentence. How can that be right? You get time off not for good behaviour but because your great grandmother was part-Aboriginal? How can such an attitude not poison our courts of law and debase our legal system? Worse, how can it not prevent those who commit crimes from ever taking responsibility for their actions?

Why do so many Australians who classify under the new racist colour coding, as ‘white’ accept these double standards and the demonisation of ancestors purely for the colour of their skin? If the same language were used about brown or black-skinned people there would be outrage and rightly so. Why do so many not just tolerate it in regard to ‘white’ skin but encourage such racism? Do they think that if it all ends in violence, they and their white skin will be safe because they have been so noble in striving for what the racists behind it call justice?

They will not. Racism is racism and whatever the criteria for racism, whether religion, gender, tribe, nationality, race or colour, it gives no quarter. We only have to study the cultural genocides in Cambodia and China to know that racism has no intelligence, no perspective and it makes no exceptions or exemptions. Whether you are killed because you are ‘too educated’ or because your skin is too pale, it all feeds from the same source – a loathing and hatred of another group. Anyone with pale skin who feeds racism toward pale-skinned people is sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Indeed, they are sowing the seeds for the destruction of the civilized world where everyone loses, whatever colour their skin may be.

The more hatred of those with ‘white’ skin is encouraged, the more we betray our children and future generations. To replace old forms of racism, and all peoples, races, tribes, cultures, religions have expressed various forms of racism, regardless of the colour of their skin, with a new one – skin colour, aimed at only one group, is a betrayal of every civilized principle which underpins this modern age.

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A new form of racism has been invented

To all those who take up the concept that the group labelled ‘whites’, which does actually include most of those called Indigenous in Australia and many African-Americans, I would like to ask if you, as a matter of the same principle, adhere to the following:

1. Any crime committed by your parents is your responsibility and your guilt.

2. Any crime committed by grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great etc., is your responsibility and your guilt.

3. Any crime committed by any member of your family throughout the entire history of the family, is your responsibility and your guilt.

4. Any crime committed by any of your ancestral nationalities or cultures is your responsibility and your guilt.

5. Any crime committed by any member of your religion at any time in history is your responsibility and your guilt.

6. Any crime committed by any member of any group to which you belong, political, sporting, art, craft etc., is your responsibility and your guilt.

7. Any crime committed by anyone with Anglo-European ancestry in all of human history is your responsibility and your guilt.

8. Any crime committed by anyone in the world today and throughout all of human history with the same skin colour as you, is your responsibility and your guilt.

Now, I doubt very much that anyone would adhere to such ‘principles’ and take on such responsibility and such guilt>

But, those same people today, would readily take up the flag of responsibility as it is waved by the guilt monkeys in regard to any possibly racist event today. Remembering of course that black on black or black on white racism is fully acceptable with no responsibility or guilt and it is only white on black racism or claimed racism which carries with it any responsibility or guilt.

I simply do not understand this fervour to claim and prize ‘guilt’ and responsibility for something others have done, not just today, but throughout the centuries, based simply on the colour of one’s skin. It is one of the worst forms of racism to ever emerge in human society and potentially one of the most destructive.

Think carefully before you support such campaigns of guilt based on skin colour because, if the movement succeeds, regardless of how supportive, understanding, virtue-signalling you were; regardless of how tirelessly you worked for those with ‘dark skin’, or thought you were working; regardless of how good, kind, decent you thought you were – you too will be destroyed in the carnage, simply because of the colour of your skin.

Because that is how racism works, regardless of whether it is directed at the black, the pink, the yellow, the white-skinned.

Racism is racism and if you teach your children that white skinned people are evil then that is exactly what they will learn, whatever the colour of their skin.

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Throw the thoughts

Throw the thoughts beyond
the rim of mind, let nothing
dribble back along its edge,
for in dismissal we can make

our way, refusing to be held
to broken pledge. In life we
have the option to believe,
or not, as we would choose

or wish to be, and in that
act of independent thought,
we weave the ladder which
can then slow draw, us to

the top, of this engulfing
pit, whose promise has
been written truly deep, by
others who would tell us

who we are and what we
are allowed to be, tight fit;
for only in our stitch and
trim of self, will we find

truth, and shape to haul
beyond this place, in full
redeeming of our natural
cause; lie naked at the top

in sweating flesh, where
mind and soul embrace
in deepest love. So does
the pit still beckon, even

as we rest above. For
always is that drop into
the depths, beside us, in
a breathless wait of time-

such is the way of life and
surely death, and ever was
from truly ancient rhymes:
forgotten they still sigh.

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The walls confine collected,
in times of troubled days,
revealing lines defective,
within my mind and ways.

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