Wear a mask

WEAR A MASK.Pollute and poison yourself, other people and the planet.

Teach the children fear-based decision-making; craven compliance with any Government dictate no matter how stupid; rejection of common sense, reason and facts when deciding how it is best to live. Children are malleable and the most powerful lessons they learn are unspoken. Actions speak louder than words.

We have a duty to ensure they will fit the system whatever the system may be, some appear to believe. I personally believe we have a duty to help children make their way through an often challenging world but to do so with courage, common sense, integrity, independence and a questioning mind, albeit, to lesser and greater degrees. Remember, what you are doing is for the good of all, we are being told. That approach is always a great vote-winner.

Either what you do is what you truly believe is for the greater good or it is what someone else tells you is for a greater good which only they understand properly. Which is why it can be so confusing. That ploy also works well with a lot of people.

However, for those prepared to think outside the box, or actually within the box of facts, reason and common sense, some data taken from the Australian Government website which demonstrates the level of risk from Covid is very low. https://www.health.gov.au/…/coronavirus-covid-19-case…

It is harder to find the research articles showing masks are useless on this count, including surgical masks, because the censors now hide it, but do some research into virology and decide if you think a mask prevents viral particles escaping. As one cardiologist said, it would be like controlling mosquitos behind a chain fence.

But, let us trust that there will always be some research being done and it can be found. At least temporarily. Anything which challenges the running narrative is subject to interference so it does not come up quickly in any online search.

Quote: For scientists, the prospect of continued mask use in everyday life suggests areas for further research. In our view, further research is particularly desirable in the gynecological (fetal and embryonic) and pediatric fields, as children are a vulnerable group that would face the longest and, thus, most profound consequences of a potentially risky mask use. Basic research at the cellular level regarding mask-induced triggering of the transcription factor HIF with potential promotion of immunosuppression and carcinogenicity also appears to be useful under this circumstance.

Our scoping review shows the need for a systematic review.The described mask-related changes in respiratory physiology can have an adverse effect on the wearer’s blood gases sub-clinically and in some cases also clinically manifest and, therefore, have a negative effect on the basis of all aerobic life, external and internal respiration, with an influence on a wide variety of organ systems and metabolic processes with physical, psychological and social consequences for the individual human being.https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/18/8/4344/htm

Australian Government data.Australia has 25.7 million people as at July 2021.There have been 32,269 cases of Covid diagnosed. That represents 1.2 people per thousand.There have been 915 deaths recorded out of the 32,269 cases recorded.⁠That means the survival rate in Australia is 92.78%. Currently 1,068 cases. They are classified as mild, serious, critical. 99% of all Covid cases in Australia are considered mild.

At present, and this is a couple of days since these numbers were crunched from the Federal Government site, of cases, 1,590 were deemed mild, isolating at home and 18 are serious or critical. ⁠In the last 24 hours 180,180 tests performed. 23 million 310,294 tests done since Covid was recognised. Each test costs a minimum of $100 to perform. ⁠

For every 1,000 people tested 1.4 people are diagnosed in Australia. 183,180 tests in last 24 hours and less than .7 people per thousand diagnosed.⁠Covid deaths – 317 deaths were in people 90 plus, 381 deaths in people 80-89; 162 deaths in group 70 to 79, 38 deaths in 60-69; 21 deaths in 0-59. No female under the age of 50 has died from Covid in Australia. Five males under the age of 50 have died of Covid. That includes everyone who is chronically ill, with co-morbidities.⁠

So this is not a disease of everyone statistically. It is no threat to the young and not a great threat to the healthy of any age.⁠9,149,817 shots administered with 39,077 reports of adverse effects. So 4.3 people per thousand experience an adverse reaction.⁠According to the TGA 377 people have died after the jab. The TGA confirmed four died FROM the jab, with 883 confirmed cases of bloodclotting. Other diseases and syndromes reported by the TGA and many others are being investigated. What those investigations reveal may or may not be made public I would guess.⁠

You are three times more likely statistically to report or suffer an adverse reaction to the vaccine than you are to get Covid following Government guidelines. ⁠It is worth tracking the US system of VAERS while remaining aware that estimates are less than 10% of vaccine injuries are reported.

In other words, while Australia might do better, the reported injuries/deaths are not going to be accurate given human nature and the power of the system to repress such information.

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