Conspiracy and theory

There is a lot of talk about fake news and conspiracy theories which in the past we would have called rumours. This is when the art of ‘cherry-picking’ becomes very useful because in rumours or conspiracy theories, the ‘cherries’ are the fruit you must find.

There are always rumours. They are stories which generally come to life because someone who knows something says something to someone else and so it goes. The jungle drums begin beating. It has ever been thus for humans and social media is just the modern version of jungle drums.

Rumours also tap into that great human survival quality, intuition. Without going into it too deeply, as humans we are connected beyond mere words, machines and obvious communication. We communicate with each other at unseen and generally unacknowledged levels.

In other words, like the bees in a hive, we humans know things because other humans know something. That is why ‘word spreads’ so easily and while ‘word of mouth’ is not necessarily completely reliable, neither is it ever completely wrong either. There will be elements of fact, truth, reality, scattered noisily between the thoughts and words, and however scrambled the message may become, there will be a message for those who take the time to look.

Social media also works very hard to censor the ‘drums’ and to limit exchanges of information, rumours, and what are called conspiracy theories. Fake News it is now called.

It is worth remembering that rumours will always have some basis in truth even if the story becomes more colourful as it passes through human minds and mouths. So, what could the ‘truths’ be in what are now called conspiracy theories?


1. That Covid is a bioweapon.

2. That a cabal of powerful people want to reset society and the world.

3. That someone, somewhere wants to kill off a lot of people to reduce the world’s population, or rather, solve what is seen as a problem of over-population.

4. That these Covid vaccines are designed to sterilise humans.

5. That these Covid tests or vaccines are designed to implant microchips so society can be tracked and more easily controlled.

6. that the Covid vaccines will change your DNA

There are probably more, but let us consider these few.


There is no doubt that ‘gain of function’ research goes on and while the claims are that this is done for the best of intentions, any student of history and human nature knows that the ‘best of intentions’ can lead to the worst of outcomes very easily. In truth, wherever things like, ‘for the good of all,’ ‘in your best interests,’ ‘a better world,’ ‘for your own sake,’ accompany any proposal, think twice and implement even more common sense and caution for an even more important maxim is: No good deed goes unpunished. In other words, in every gift there is a curse.

Is ‘gain of function’ research dangerous? It most certainly is. Could it be used in a bioweapon? It most certainly could.

Is ‘gain of function’ research an important part of vaccine development? Probably not.
Quote: Thomas Inglesby, director of the Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins, told me last year that he doesn’t think the benefits for vaccine development hold up in most cases. “I haven’t seen any of the vaccine companies say that they need to do this work in order to make vaccines,” he pointed out. “I have not seen evidence that the information people are pursuing could be put into widespread use in the field.”

So, ‘gain of function’ research, which we now know does happen could certainly be part of the development of a bioweapon. Is the belief, rumour, conspiracy theory therefore so silly? Not at all. That Covid began as part of a bioweapon experiment is highly likely. That it would be used or is being used as a bioweapon is not so likely.

A belief, rumour, theory associated with this is that research began in the United States but security fears led to it being outsourced to China? Is this likely? Certainly. Is this possible? Absolutely. And could many of the world’s top science-medical organisations have been involved in this research? Of course they could.

And, if they were, would that not make Governments very nervous about anyone finding out what the involvement of their science-medical organisations had been? You betcha. Would that not also make Governments hypersensitive to possible outcomes and liable to over-react, do more, not less, become more than a tad hysterical in response? Of course it would.

So, one could easily argue that this rumour/conspiracy theory has a good chance of being sourced in some solid truths, with no doubt, variations on the various themes involved. What we do know is that never before in human history have the healthy been locked up in the face of an infectious ‘disease’ and never before have people needed to have a test for a viral disease to find out if they are SICK. Asymptomatic infection, as claimed for Covid, is a new invention which has no basis in immunology or virology. In fact it is itself a classic conspiracy theory.


How logical or sensible is it for people to believe that a powerful group wishes to re-organise the world, reset societies, make massive changes to how we live?

Since there is such a proposal/plan from very powerful people and organisations this is not such a strange thing for people to believe. The World Economic Forum has mooted such a plan and stated that the Covid Pandemic is a great opportunity to implement it.

Now, the plan is, on paper anyway, not very specific, but rarely do plans in the beginning ever reflect outcomes. And that is because humans are opportunistic and when changes are made there will always be unforeseen actions and consequences because it is impossible to think through every possible action, reaction or outcome. This is why ideas which are great on paper like Communism, Capitalism, Welfare, Universal Healthcare and Religion can fail so terribly: because they do not take into account human nature.

And the most powerful ideas/forces are those with good intentions. It is easier to drag people along if you can convince them and yourself that this is in the best interests of everyone and that ultimately it is for the greater good. No doubt this is why the original plans are always so light and fluffy.

Quote: According to Klaus Schwab the Founder and Executive Chairman of WEF: “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.”

The WEF suggests that the most urgent reason for a reset is the COVID-19 crisis which has serious long-term consequences for economic growth, public debt, employment, and human wellbeing. If left unaddressed some believe the world will be left less sustainable, less equal, and more fragile.

So, in essence, despite the plethora of stories around trying to calm suspicion about a GREAT RESET there most certainly are such plans in existence and no doubt in motion. I personally don’t believe it is so easy to reset humanity or society but my reading of history means I know that there will be plenty of people prepared to give it a damn good try and at any cost.

So this ‘conspiracy theory’ has more than one leg on which to stand.

This one would seem to not make much sense given that profits require consumers and the fewer consumers the lower the profits. Elite lifestyles also require plenty of cogs in the wheels to keep things turning comfortably.

Would the world benefit from reduced population? For the climate change alarmists there might be some gristle in this one, but overall, it seems fairly flimsy unless one is heavily invested in the funeral parlour industry.

However, when humans suspect that someone or something out there is up to no good, they will fear for their life and the lives of those they love first of all.

So this one only stands as a very common and universal human fear of death. In short, it is not a surprising ‘theory’ even if it is unlikely.


Given the plethora of material on how the planet is sagging under its population weight, this one is possible. Although the irony is that the human population is on its way down anyway with one-child policies now revealing ‘unseen’ outcomes in the world’s two most populous countries, China and India, combined with fewer children being born to couples in the Western world.

It is hard to see what anyone could gain from this one since fertility rates are dropping horrifically worldwide anyway, no doubt from the fact that people and planet are drowning in synthetic hormones from the contraceptive pill and health is worse than it was, particularly in children.

So this ‘conspiracy theory’ is probably legless. But only if people are aware of the true nature of human infertility over recent decades and increasing.


Well they certainly exist and are already in use to a minor degree.

Could or would a Government insert such a thing into citizens without their knowledge? It is not likely but it is certainly possible under the ‘we believe this is for your own good and in the best interests of society’ clause.

History is littered with horrors done in the name of the ‘greatest good,’ for this is the big catchcry for tyrants and a sucker call for too many citizens. We humans do not change much and the same themes and forces can be found in every tyranny in our recorded history. Which is why, no doubt, the maxim, ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time,’ came into existence.

So, this conspiracy theory probably goes into the, not likely but highly possible basket. Which means as a rumour/theory/belief it is hardly unusual and simply reflects the human capacity to detect a potential ‘shitfest’ before it happens.


All of the vaccines for Covid are genetic vaccines which involve manipulation (meddling) with cell function. The mRNA vaccines, Pfizer, use synthetic RNA to ‘instruct’ cell function. 

Quote: RNA evolved billions of years ago and is naturally found in every cell in your body. Scientists think RNA originated in the earliest life forms, even before DNA existed. The process that converts DNA to mRNA to protein is the foundation for how the cell functions.

So, this messenger for DNA has been created artificially, synthetically, in a laboratory and will be injected into your body to manipulate cell function in ways never done before. Does that process equate with ‘changing your DNA?’ If one wished to ‘muddy the public waters,’ the answer would be No.

But if one wished to nitpick ever so slightly, the answer would be, Yes, because synthetic RNA, the messenger for DNA, is manipulating cell function in ways never done before and who really knows what the impact on DNA might be since none of the genetic vaccines are approved which means full and final testing and safety studies, i.e. outcomes, were not completed and are not known. If a process involving the conversion of DNA to mRNA to protein is something which happens naturally and has done for millions of years, then what impact will it have where the mRNA is manmade, synthetic, artificial and it is interfering in a natural process? We have yet to find out.

So, could this new genetic treatment change your DNA in some way? Yes it could. Is it likely? We don’t know. Is it possible? Yes it is. Are the science-medical answers to this fear, rumour, conspiracy theory a bit fluffy? Yes they are because they must be and because even the experts do not truly know what outcomes will be. They believe this synthetic RNA will self-destruct as natural RNA does but, since this genetic experiment is a poorly tested FIRST, the fact is they do not know and public fears are not only natural they are sensible.

The above-cited conspiracy theories are mostly likely to have some grains of truth and mostly possible. In essence, the most sensible thing to do in the face of what is called a ‘conspiracy theory’ is to not summarily reject it, but do a bit of work and have a good, long, hard think about whether or not it is possible, if it is likely, and are these outcomes you would support and defend?

One thing is certain, the human capacity to be suspicious, to exercise scepticism and to communicate feelings, thoughts, theories, doubts, fears, hopes, facts is what has enabled us to survive and generally thrive for millennia.

There is also such a thing as gut instinct and we need to remember that. Humans lie and never more so than when they have powerful vested agendas. They lie even more when there are profits at risk and when they know they can ‘sell their story’ to the public in the name of good intentions. These realities are recorded throughout our human history and we ignore and forget their truths at our peril.

When we stop asking questions, stop thinking for ourselves and censor those who try, we are betraying the freedoms for which so many fought and died and squandering the future and hopes of our children. Sure, it might not be that bad, or that dangerous, or that terrible – then again it might be. We don’t know, we just do not know what is going on at present or what outcomes we potentially face. And hindsight, while a wonderful thing, is seeing things clearly when it is too late.

Scepticism is needed more than ever in times like this. Not cynicism, but healthy, questioning, open-minded, clear-headed scepticism. Your Government does not have your best interests at heart. It has its own. The same applies to the science-medical industries, the media and every other system or organisation which can take an opportunity to take an opportunity. Become a questioner. Carpe Diem!

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