When fascist medicine becomes a dangerous norm

Any Government would have to be very careful about mandatory vaccination.

We are already seeing more and more people questioning vaccines which to my mind is a good thing given how they are made, what they contain and what they are designed to do. Most people have little idea and their doctors and nurses have even less.

I don’t believe in conspiracies, but, systems drive behaviour, and, in the Allopathic medical system, it is dogma that vaccines are safe and the ability to question them does not exist, let alone identifying, recognising or admitting that someone has been harmed by them.

Even in countries like the US and UK which have vaccine injury compensation programmes, it is estimated the majority of injuries are overlooked if not simply denied.

The more people know about vaccines the more cautious many will become. Most of those summarily dismissed as anti-vaxxers were once pro-vaxxers and did as they were told, until they or a child was injured, or someone they loved died because of vaccines. Then they began to research and when that happens, there is no turning back.

Are people truly comfortable with the thought that they, let alone their babies and children, will be injected with a brew of animal, human and bird material, along with a cocktail of synthetic chemicals and DNA which has been ‘altered’ in diseases and in general? Do we truly know what the long-term effects may be of combining animal, human and bird material, messing around with genes and injecting it into the human body might do?

It used to be said that to fully know outcomes science-medicine required two generations to grow up living relatively normal lives, the first giving birth to the second. If we take 70 as a reasonable age, that makes 140 years and since the max-vax age began about 40 years ago, we have around a century to go. Or, in wiser times, we would have done. All such caution has now been thrown to the wind in the name of hubris and greed.

And how about the process for which a vaccine is designed? To confuse and trick the immune system, in the case of anyone under 14, an immature immune system, into reacting to a non-threat. How can that be good? Do we really benefit from an easily confused immune system? How can we if a confused cell is what we call Cancerous?

Oh, and there has been and is talk and who knows it may be happening, about using Cancer cells in vaccine manufacture. They last longer, don’t die as easily and it saves money. Can that possibly be without risk?

But, anyone who begins to discover these facts is going to ask more questions. Any mandatory vaccine will accelerate that process even more than is happening already. If they want people to remain uninformed, gullible, fearful and easily manipulated so they can keep vaccinating like maniacs, and shovelling in the money, then they need to proceed with caution on any vaccine and drop the idea for mandatory.

Even coercion is not going to work for a rushed-through vaccine, for a disease which is little threat to most people.
I would like to see the end of the max-vax age but I doubt the vaccine nazis in science, medicine, pharma and government would, so I am sure there will be some sane voices of reason on the issue, to quell dissent and calm the masses.

Little was done to warn people during the Fifties Polio epidemic that vaccinating children for Diptheria and other diseases during this time, predisposed them to Severe Paralytic Polio, paralysis usually beginning at the injection site. An article, discussing this, by Kevin Norbury, Suffer
The Little Children, was published by The Age some years ago but is now no longer available online. Why would that be?

Having copied and filed the article, as one must in regard to vaccine information, I can post here the following:

Quote: …….The Lancet in April 1950 linking polio with whooping cough and diphtheria immunisation.

The revelatory research, as it happens, was done by Dr Bertram McCloskey, the Victorian Health Department’s polio officer. His report in The Lancet makes disturbing reading, even today. McCloskey reports that 375 cases of polio were notified in Victoria between January and August 1949, and of the 340 cases investigated, 211 of these had ”a history of previous immunisation against whooping cough and/or diphtheria”. This showed, he wrote, that there was ”considerable evidence that a correlation between inoculation and poliomyelitis infection existed in this epidemic”.

Some warnings were given and the situation is now discussed as Polio Provovation, but little was done to halt or limit vaccination because those in control did not want to diminish public faith in vaccines.

A few dead or paralysed kids is a small price, it seems, if public faith in the cult-like dogma of vaccination is maintained. So, don’t kid yourselves that those pushing vaccines care,even if they continue to spout their ‘good intentions.’ And sure, vaccination was initially developed because of good intentions, but has become fanatical purely in the name of less noble qualities.

There is so much ego, power, prestige, money, faith invested in vaccines that any suggestion vaccines are dangerous, which they are, will threaten that pyramid scheme significantly. And then what? Compensating all those already harmed by vaccines?

But, hey, it is only the future of our children and humanity which is at stake if we fail to ask questions and demand answers and accountability.

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