Did I know, in that
first moment, it
would not last, and
that each beat of
the dream, was
being counted by
the Fates, in sure
steady diminishing
of what was? How
can anyone know
what the future
holds, or if, the
deep being of this
Now will endure?
It is in the green
fields of the wild
unknown, that we
lose ourselves, as
we must on this
pure, painful, and
irrevocably human
voyage of becoming.
To know is to lose
the ways of dreams
and hope, and to tie
ourselves to some
thing which may
be no more than a
sojourn on the path
of our lives. That
which makes our
hearts beat sure
and steady, cannot
be known, for then
time stops……. and
the gift we have is
in collecting those
stopped moments.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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