Consuming and devouring,
the fire chews through the
land, and belches black
envelopings; allows no

life to stand. For in the
raging moments, where
blazing roars to life, we
are just puny humans, in

Nature’s burning hands.
As awe does rise with
courage, they hold the
flimsy line, defending

and preparing, to flee
in given time. But in
those very moments
Australians we stand,
and face the truth of

fire, as it transforms
the land; in greedy
dance eternal, it has
brought what we see,

and made us all its
servants; this land of
fire and dreams. Where
smoke is but a garment

some seasons always
wear, and aeons of
this story, still written
deep, declare, that

in the great South
Land, the god of fire
bestows, both misery
and blessing, on all
who call it home.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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