In a world where people are spoiled and ‘spoiled for irrational choices…’

Questioning is important on any topic but the current questions regarding gender seem to have been taken to literal extremes with the potential to damage young children.

There is the reality of biology and there is fantasy that being born with a penis does not mean you have to be a male and that with chemicals and surgery you can be ‘turned’ into a female. Or vice-versa. Of course you cannot and no-one knows the damage that will be done, for there will be damage, in using toxic chemicals to delay puberty or to impose hormonal change.

Research so far is showing that in countries where such forced change has been allowed, that the end results are usually more unhappiness, not less, if not outright misery and regret.

I have no doubt that questioning gender roles is important but the problem seems to be that in this age of mechanics and materialism, it is being literalised and physicalised.

It is also reflective of an age where ethics are never considered and common sense is ignored, and people think they should and can have anything and everything they want, without thought for children involved.

If you are born male and want to be female then drugs and the knife will fix it, although the irony is that the sort of ‘female’ one becomes is a stereotype of women from the patriarchal age, and ditto for the vice-versa. IVF allows people who cannot in any natural sense become parents, to buy eggs, sperm, womb and purchase a baby, to meet their needs, pushing aside the rights of the human being involved in terms of biology and ethics.

And the newly invented transgender issue reflects the same delusion, that you can buy what you want, when you want it, how you want it, regardless of realities. This is not just a path beyond ethics, it is a path beyond reason.
What sort of a society do we have where people are spoiled and ‘spoiled for choices’ and where ethics and common sense hold no ground?

We certainly need more flexibility in terms of how males and females act, dress, etc., but to take it to extremes of chemically and surgically seeking to change gender is potentially dangerous, particularly where children are involved.

Common sense goes a very long way with anything and never more so than when children are involved.

There is a condition where people believe they have a limb, arm or leg, which needs to be removed, Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Sometimes they do have it surgically removed.

However, few parents would support or encourage a child to have an arm or leg surgically removed so I fail to see the difference in that and having genitalia surgically, or chemically, removed or replaced.

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