Forced vaccination is immoral and unethical

The ‘no jab-no pay’ legislation …… and which lunatic came up with the term ‘jab’ for vaccination … is so immoral and unethical it beggars belief that any Australian could ever support it.

Although in that Freudian slip way of things, ‘jab’ says it all. Let’s jab, jab, jab our kids with a toxic cocktail of disease and chemicals with some animal and human material from aborted foetuses thrown in.

Let’s stick it to our children in the name of profit-driven science/medicine and meddling power-driven government, ignoring the fact that along with the vax-max timeline we have seen our children suffer ever-rising rates of chronic and serious disease, particularly cancer and where we are now watching our kids being killed by brain cancer at rates unknown in human history before the vaccination age.

Let’s jab our babies with diseases they can only get from being sexually promiscuous even when we know there is not a snowball’s chance in hell their mother has the disease.

Let’s jab, jab, jab our children forty, fifty, sixty times in the first five years of their small lives when they have barely functioning immune systems on which all this disease and all these toxins are meant to work.

How dare our Government seek to force citizens to undergo medical procedures against their will?

But what is worse is that this legislation targets those who are less well-off and punishes them for acting in what they believe are their child’s best interests.

What makes this fascist approach even worse is that Australia has one of the highest vaccination rates of any country and there are barely 8% involved in not vaccinating or limiting vaccination. How on earth, if vaccines protect, can that be any sort of threat?

More to the point, if it is a threat then why is not everyone who does not comply with recommended schedules targeted? Why not dock the benefits of everyone – the disabled, aged, indigenous – the lot, if they do not comply with the ‘nazi-approach’ of the science/medical/government agendas?

And then, why not increase tax rates for all workers who do not comply? There is this delusional fantasy that a few parents limiting or rejecting vaccines for their kids are the problem but the fact is there are more adults out there who fall far short of vaccine schedules than there are unvaccinated kids.

Or is that the plan? Will all those supporting this tyrannical legislation be happy when they too are punished for not complying with medical mafia recommendations?

The plan to withhold payments of child-care and family tax benefits for unvaccinated children could cost non-compliant parents up to A$15,000 a year. But is it ethical to punish parents?

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