Unity curls beckoning finger,
summoning psyche to attend,
requiring that Self and Soul
be joined, as one, and where

the many can be made as
one, united in that universe,
of human nature, that sure
reflection of consciousness

made manifest in the unique
and the particular, of many
worlds joined in circling
certainty, turning star-like

around and around in the
galaxy of eternal creation,
where the wonder and the
beauty of you and me is

drawn into meaningful
and purposeful, expression
of particularity and the
personal; from the source.


About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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4 Responses to Unity

  1. Sabio Lantz says:

    Unity is an utopian, idealistic illusion.
    The Many do not desire to be made as one.
    There is no ONE to be made into.

    All the philosophizing and jargonizing we do, comes down to how we act, eh?
    No lofty words can be trusted
    Our daily lives are plain.
    Even these words of mine are silly.

  2. rosross says:

    You might have misunderstood that one, Sabio – the many made as one in this instance is the ‘many’ parts of Self which operate as one to make a functional and healthy psyche.

    I was trying to say, and perhaps failing, that the ‘one’ of our individuality and particularity, is a goal of psyche and that ‘one’ is not simply to be desired it is required or we end up as multiple-personalities, ‘split apart’ through trauma.

    But poems are for personal interpretation so it is all good.

  3. Sabio Lantz says:

    Poems and prose both end up being personally interpreted (inevitably). Some authors try to communicate particular ideas or feelings, some love vagueness and don’t care. Lots of styles , eh?

    I agree that our minds hold many selves, I am not sure it is always important to bring any unity to them — for instance, the part of me that handles emergencies of life-threatening situations may be different from the self that lives among plenty and safety. Not sure of the need to a facade of unity of selves — though various selves which are not at war with each other seems desirable.

    • rosross says:

      Generally, as work with multiple-personality cases finds, we need a persona/ego/one which is ‘in charge,’ for psychological function to be healthy.

      This does not mean the ‘one’ does not contain various expressions of Self, i.e. mother, sister, daughter, wife, lover, friend, colleague etc., but that they are unified as a ‘one’ at core.

      The part of you which handles life-threatening situations may well be a part of you beyond the everyday – a Higher Self – and having experienced such situations, this is how I believe it works for me anyway.

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