If brain and immune system are connected then why cannot vaccines play a part in rising rates of brain cancer in children?

Michael Leunig’s recent cartoon defending the right of freedom of speech and freedom of choice in health matters in regard to vaccination has brought much-needed debate, unfortunately some of it hysterical on the pro-vaccination side, but important all the same.

While Leunig has received death threats and so have members of his family and that is truly shocking and disgraceful in a developed nation, the fact is that the controversy does get more of a chance to be talked about than it would otherwise and having worked with him many years ago, I know he has inner steel behind the gentleness and he would know that and accept the price demanded of him for his commitment to integrity.
Vaccination does need to be discussed and without rancour and hysteria because it stands as probably the greatest medical experiment in human history. As with any experiment, particularly one which has long been driven by profit and power motivations, any downsides need to be thoroughly explored.

Those parents opting to limit or reject vaccination for their children have in the main done far more comprehensive research into the issue than the average GP. And that is understandable because the life and/or health of their child or children is at stake and most parents care desperately about their kids and will do whatever they need to do to protect them.

Which is what makes the petty, nasty legislation by the Government to force financially vulnerable parents to vaccinate, so evil. I would have less of an issue if legislation had been passed which punished anyone who did not comply with recommended vaccination schedules but we all know that would have been political disaster.

A Government bent on playing politics with a fear-driven, if not paranoid public makes for base actions and playing nasty games with a few vulnerable parents is the end result. If there had been any principle involved, let alone reason if the goal had been optimal vaccination rates, then the Government would have legislated to punish everyone and pensions would have been docked for the aged, disabled, indigenous and wage-earners would have been taxed at higher rates for not complying with recommended vaccination. The entire exercise has been and is a nasty farce which punishes the most vulnerable few.

But, that aside, there is no doubt that questions are being asked and more questions are being asked and even the scientific system must ask questions and begin to make connections which will lead to more questions and which cannot be ignored or hidden by vested interests.

This issue has become important to me for a variety of reasons but mostly my position is freedom of speech, freedom of choice in regard to health and concern for the high and rising rates of poor health and disease in our children. A recent development may play a huge part in bringing answers in regard to the negative effects of vaccination and that is researchers finding what they call a missing link between the brain and immune system, but which to holistic medicine, even if not fully understood, has always been recognised.
Vaccination is devised to work on the immune system and so, if there is a link between the brain and immune system, why is it not logical to ask questions in regard to brain disease and dysfunction in our now heavily vaccinated children?

I am not blaming all this on vaccination. I reject vaccination for myself based on what I know combined with reason, common sense and experience, but I have no problem with others doing whatever they choose.
I certainly do have misgivings about the theory and practice but can only assume that people do their own comprehensive research and weigh up the risks and make their choice accordingly.

I have also said, more than once, that in an age when people are sicker, not healthier, particularly our children with new and terrible epidemics of mental and physical disease, that we need to question everything and that includes vaccines.

Those who support vaccination in the main seem to feel that vaccination cannot be questioned and logic suggests, if not responsibility to our children, that we question anything and everything which is different in their lives in the past half century as epidemics of cancer, autism, asthma, allergies, diabetes, obesity, behavioural and learning difficulties, SIDS etc., have taken hold.
These disease rates follow a timeline as vaccination increased, given at earlier ages, more often, in more experimental form, in multiple form and in greater quantities. That is a fact which anyone who researches thoroughly knows.

Sure, elective C-section, pushed in recent decades by doctors, which brings compromised gut function which means compromised immune function and which affects brain function; overuse of antibiotics which brings compromised gut function etc.; chemicals and preservatives in the food chain; drugs in the food chain; increased use of medications on babies and children; increased exposure to electro-magnetism with electronic equipment, games etc., often in bedrooms where children sleep; wi-fi hotspots; less physical activity etc., can all play a part but vaccines stand out as being a factor, if not a major factor.

Much damage is done by science/medicine because it takes a materialist/reductionist view and sees the body as a machine and because it knows far less than it thinks it does. It might have vastly greater material and mechanical knowledge of the body than we had a century ago but that does not mean it understands the human body or health and disease.

Vaccination is sourced in the belief that the body can be treated like a piece of mechanical equipment or bag of chemicals and that is not only deluded it is dangerous.
Science keeps changing its mind because yes, it keeps researching, but it does a lot of damage in the meantime. Recent research has made a link between the brain and the immune system which to modern science/medicine is somehow shocking and yet has stood as a given in non-allopathic medical modalities for thousands of years.


Common sense dictates that the increased rates of autism and learning and behaviour difficulties which relate to brain function and the vastly increased rates of brain cancer in children, are likely to have links with immune function. Well, it did to many before and now will do so to science/medicine because it has established this link.

So, if vaccination works with and on the immune system and, quote: ‘ the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist’ and that this is significant in terms of the ” effects it could have on the study and treatment of neurological diseases ranging from autism to Alzheimer’s disease to multiple sclerosis.” then logically, why might there not be a part played by vaccines in autism, brain cancer and behavioural and learning difficulties?

Surely for the sake of our children as we inject them with a mix of disease and toxins and animal and human cell material, we should study vaccines and their possible deleterious effects in minute detail.
Quote:Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease in Australia. It also kills more people under 40 in Australia than any other cancer.

Here is something for the pro-vaccinators to ponder. I am sure that everyone wants the best for themselves and their children in terms of health and protection from disease.

I am sure that many are also aware that modern medicine is now one of the top three or four killers, iatrogenic, in the developed world and logic suggests we need to hold science and medicine accountable, rigorously, particularly where our children are involved.

So, in terms of establishing the safety and any effects of vaccination once and for all, what do we need? In the spirit of the much-famed although increasingly flawed RCT ‘gold standard’ we need a group of unvaccinated large enough to be credible. That does not have to be a huge group in any country, just large enough for thorough research to be done.

And since we have a large enough group of unvaccinated who would, I am sure, be more than happy to participate in studies to ascertain the health of their children compared to the vaccinated, and to know themselves if vaccination does more harm than good or more good than harm, then surely it makes sense to applaud them and to make use of them.

After all, if the unvaccinated are at risk in the way the vaccinated believe they are then they need to know once and for all and if vaccination is the risk those who opt to limit or reject vaccination believe, then surely we all need to know once and for all.

So, instead of raging against the unvaccinated, why don’t we all work together and call for a moratorium while science studies the health of the unvaccinated alongside that of the vaccinated?

For all of the scientific and medical claims that vaccination is safe and a benefit to health, what has never been done is a rigorous study of the health of unvaccinated children compared to vaccinated. Sure, there are some studies out there but not any major study in each country which particularly looks at health comparisons between the two groups.

Surely, as part of a rigorous approach from science and medicine that is what all of us should be demanding.

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