Modern medicine is still selling snake oil

It is human nature to need to trust our healers, our doctors and it has ever been thus. Because of the nature of disease and medicine, the profession has always been an industry and one prone to the ‘snake oil’ approach simply because disease and desperation so often go hand in hand.

Huge profits have always been made by the best doctors and purveyors of medicine and that, in the modern age, has just increased to realms beyond imagining. But the amounts spent on health and medicine do not translate into outcomes that we would expect.

We have more disease and less good health and we have the system itself responsible for the hospitalisation and death of many millions. The warning signs are there and for all sorts of easily identifiable reasons.

Modern medicine, Allopathic medicine, is trapped in the materialist reductionist mindset of science where the body is seen as a machine and/or bag of chemicals and the only tools the medical industry has are knives and drugs.

When Allopathy can take a holistic view of the human body, disease and healing, then there will still be a place for the knife and no doubt, on occasion the drug or chemical medication, but many other non-harmful and healing modalities will be utilised. Homeopathy, Herbal, Nutritional medicine as well as Acupuncture and various treatments which support the body in healing such as Reiki, can contribute a path of healing which does not carry an added risk of worse disease or death.

More people die of chemotherapy than the disease and it is easy to see how many who are ‘cleared’ after treatment, then have a return of the disease, often in more malignant and prevalent form, within a year or two.

Not only that, a medical process which is expected to cure, involves such ghastly suffering that it amounts for many, to torture. With cancer rates now at one in two as opposed to one in ten and more a century ago and higher rates in children than adults, surely there has to be a better way?

If chemotherapy has such a shocking failure rate how can anyone justify subjecting children, who have no say, to such pointless suffering?

No other ‘product’ would ever remain on the market or be used as chemotherapy is, with the same sort of failure rate. It is retained because doctors ‘have nothing else beyond the knife; the medical industry is dominated if not controlled by the drug industry which makes and sells it; Allopathic medicine at this point refuses to consider other non-harmful but effective medical modalities and people are desperate and prepared to do what they are told.

And even those who have done the research and who are aware of this shocking failure rate, public and doctors alike, are more likely to say little or nothing in order not to create a lack of faith in those who are undergoing the treatment. But I would be prepared to bet, most of them, at least the adults, know very well what the truth is and would also say that denying realities or truths is in no-one’s interests.

As long as we have disease we will need answers and we will need healing modalities which support the body as it strives to regain optimal health. Spending billions on the lie that chemotherapy is effective, or can cure cancer is not in anyone’s interests. After all this time, if it was going to work it would have worked.

More importantly, surely those billions need to be spent on why in such an age of medicine, there is so much more chronic and serious disease? We should be healthier and we are not. Our children are less healthy than they have ever been and the biggest killer of them and young people is brain cancer!

Anything can cure but those who come through the other side from chemotherapy are no doubt so robust that if they can survive the ‘nuclear war’ approach of chemotherapy, they probably would have been healed of the disease anyway.

At the end of the day people must be free to choose their medical options and healing paths, but doctors must start to open their minds to other medical modalities which are not so destructive and which can trigger cure.

Removing the stranglehold which the pharmaceutical companies have over the medical industry is crucial. And removing the stranglehold which the materialist/reductionist mindset imposes on science/medicine is also crucial.

Only a fool keeps doing the same thing and expecting a different result, goes the maxim.

With iatrogenic, doctor or medical induced, the third biggest killer and most of it from medications, surely it is time for the medical profession itself to start asking questions. If millions of people were dying from any other medical system there would be outrage.

If Homeopathy or Acupuncture were the third biggest killers they would have been banned long ago. It is a disgrace that Allopathic medicine is not called to account, and given the claims the industry makes in regard to health and healing, it is not only a disgrace, it is criminal.


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