Vaccination makes no sense

If one is to apply common sense and experience to health then it is very clear that the most important aid to robust health is a robust constitution and immune response.

Beyond our biological inheritance the source of that is nourishing and adequate food, the first and best medicine, both in utero and beyond. The next most important factors are good sanitation and hygiene but, even here, a robust constitution sourced in a nutritious diet is the core factor.

Most people would agree that ‘practice makes perfect’ and that if we wish to attain a high skill level in area area, we need practice. The immune system is no different. Every time the body deals with a pathogen of any kind it becomes stronger. There is a reason why so many of the childhood diseases offered lifelong immunity and that is because the disease experience ‘taught’ the body’s immune system what to do and how to do it effectively.

The mere fact that vaccines do not confer lifelong immunity is an indicator that as a disease experience they are inferior to the real thing. As indeed are most things.

Dealing with childhood diseases and coughs, colds and various pathogens is what makes the immune system strong. Anyone observing children before the era of vaccine madness knows that and anyone today observing non-vaccinated children also knows it.

How science/medicine can believe that injecting artificial forms of disease, at times synthesized, along with a toxic cocktail of chemicals which could never be taken up directly by the bloodstream, as in fact neither could the disease in any of its vaccine forms, could promote a healthy immune response is the question given that it runs counter to both common sense and any basic understanding of biology and the immune function.

Nature has organised various levels of immune defence, beginning with skin, mucousal areas, stomach acids etc., and there has never been a disease, until the vaccination age, which arose from forcible injection into the bloodstream. For that is what happens when the vaccine is injected into areas where it will readily be taken up by the blood system. This means that no human being has evolved to deal with such artificial and artificially induced disease.

One presumes the most robust may survive without too much harm although as vaccines are given earlier, more often, in experimental and multiple form, that is pushing the boundaries of biology and reason.

Beyond the vastly increased rate of chronic and serious disease in general, more so in children, and epidemic levels of autism, behavioural and learning difficulties, allergies, auto-immune disease, asthma, coeliac disease in ways never seen before in human history, there is the question of just how healthy these children will be as adults.

For vaccination works on tricking the body and deceiving it which may well result in confusion at the cellular level. Actually, most modern medication works in the same way. Will we find the vastly increased and still rising levels of cancer – cells which become confused and rogue – linked to this interference in natural immune responses?

The biggest killer of children and young people is now brain and spinal tumours. Why is that? The old argument that ‘people are living longer’ does not work here, even if it did work elsewhere, which it does not. We are also beginning to see heart disease and strokes at younger ages. Why is that?

In this era of medical meddling we have poorer health for our children. Why would we not question what we are doing to them?

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