Why the war against bacteria is killing us

I realise common sense and often not even logic play much part in modern science/medicine but surely sometime, someone, somewhere is going to understand that antibiotics and antibacterials and chemicals and elective C-section, all of which damage gut bacteria and function, are having a truly devastating effect on health. And perhaps even Andrew Wakefield, whose research continues to be validated, will be vindicated in making a link between vaccination and impaired gut function.

But the most profound change resulting from knowledge gained in this research will be an end to elective C-section, with a rise in lawsuits against doctors for allowing if not encouraging them when it results in compromised health.

The body is not a machine and the practice of elective C-section is sourced in treating it as if it was, combined with an arrogant disregard for and ignorance of, the wisdom and processes of nature. Women cannot be blamed for taking the advice of their doctors, but expect to see C-section returned to where it belongs – done in rare and extreme circumstances of desperate need for mother or baby.

Expect also to see antibiotic prescriptions become a rarity, perhaps also as people begin to sue doctors and farmers for harm done, and antibiotics put where they should always have been, only ever used in dire life or death circumstances.

The fear-based, maybe-medicine practice of prophylactic antibiotic prescribing will end if people want better health and doctors and dentists do not want to be sued.

The anti-bacterial product industry will also come to an end as people realise that killing bacteria in and on their bodies is in essence, killing themselves, if not creating poor health.
And if vaccination is shown to compromise bacterial health and gut function, watch that experimental practice also reduce to minimal and only in exceptional circumstances.

This research is yet another demonstration of how brilliant is the body and its natural function and how ignorant are scientists and doctors in terms of how it really works. Perhaps before too long there will be a return to a level of respect for the body and its natural function and a diminution of arrogance as science/medicine realises the always present truth, that it knows very little about how the human body works and must therefore err on the side of caution in whatever it does to that brilliant, complex and largely not yet understood, organism.


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