The dangers of elective C-section…

Babies subjected to antibiotics for any reason are more likely to suffer from colic and digestion issues. Breastfeeding is optimal and the nutrition of the mother crucial for such babies. Homeopathy can also help to repair antibiotic damage. As science is beginning to realise, and as common sense would have said, optimal gut function means optimal nutrition and that means optimal immune function, i.e. a healthier baby. It is also now known that there is a link between optimalnutrition and gut function and brain function and the development of brain function in babies.

No-one disputes the value of emergency C-section but the practice of elective C-section, introduced by ignorant and one could argue, controlling if not greedy doctors, should be banned. And it probably will be when doctors begin to be sued for poor health and brain function in C-section babies.

The prophylactic use of antibiotics should also be banned. Even when emergency C-section is required it does not mean the mother and child have to be pumped full of antibiotics. The reason they are is sourced in maybe medicine, i.e. maybe you might get an infection. The irony is that antibiotics kill off the bacteria we need to fight infection and to keep well and so baby and mother even when breastfeeding get off to a very poor start.

Quote: On a study comparing the microbiomes of babies born via C-section and those born vaginally

Shortly after birth, they compared the microbiomes in the babies that came out. The babies that were born vaginally, their microbiome, not surprisingly, looked like the mom’s vagina everywhere in the body — in their GI tract, on their skin, in their mouth. But the babies born by C-section, their microbiome looked like skin and it didn’t even necessarily look like the mom’s skin, maybe it was somebody else in the operating room. So it’s clear that the microbiome is different immediately depending on the kind of birth.

There have been more and more epidemiologic studies asking the question, really for the first time: Are there long-term health consequences of being born by C-section?

In Missing Microbes, Dr. Martin Blaser argues that the overuse of antibiotics, as well as now-common practices like C-sections, may be messing with gut microbes.

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