Just eat, don’t agonise.

Science/medicine becomes more deranged, but, there is also no doubt that obsession with what one eats, a Western indulgence where people can waste time agonising over what they will eat, while many in the Third World only agonise over, IF they will eat, is not healthy either.

Our bodies have evolved to eat a variety of foods and optimal nutrition will always come from firstly, fresh, which generally means as local as possible and home-prepared and minimally processed as many different foods as possible, to maximise nutritional opportunities.

Beyond that, food and eating should be a pleasure and where you agonise over counting calories or nutrient values or whether it is ‘bad’ or ‘good’ for you, or in this quantity or that quantity, or eaten with this food or that food, at this time or that time, sigh, then it no longer becomes a pleasure.

More to the point, stress levels rise affecting digestion and assimilation and your nutrient levels go down. Food is the first and best medicine but mostly it is simply one of life’s greatest pleasures and not to be taken too seriously.

Whatever you eat, if you have robust health then you have no worries. If you have health issues then by all means spend a bit of time ensuring you get a lot of fresh, a lot of variety and even more enjoyment.


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