Look after the only body you will ever have … in this life anyway.

In an age where science/medicine dominates with a philosophy of ‘cut it out’ or ‘drug it under’ it is hardly surprising that so many people believe there can be a ‘quick fix’ in the form of pill or product.

Whether it is supplements or the delusion of ‘superfoods’ it all rests on the same erroneous base as science/medicine, i.e. that the body is a machine or bag of chemicals and you can ‘tinker’ with it as you would something mechanical or chemical and, in an instant, your ‘problem’ is solved.

The fact that this belief system is sourced in no reality or anything approximating the biological and physiological nature of the human organism, has not deterred science/medicine one whit, and continues to play a part in social attitudes and beliefs.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to disease and science/medicine knows that even as it continues to pretend there might be. There is no ‘magic pill’ which can cure or heal. There is no magic food or potion, Allopathic or organic, which can fix anyone and everyone and anything and everything.

There is only the human body, unique and individual on every count, which succumbs to dis-ease for its own reasons, sourced in a huge variety of factors known and yet to be discovered, including, emotional, psychological, spiritual, circumstantial, experiential, physiological, biological, physical… and probably in that sort of order.

What is also certain is that the ‘one pill fix’ is no more effective whatever the source. There is no doubt that ‘medicine’ in all of its forms, when prescribed by a qualified professional, can help, although with iatrogenic – doctor or medical induced – now the third biggest killer in the US, most of it from pharmaceuticals, and the fourth biggest killer elsewhere, it is very clear that the most dangerous forms of medication are Allopathic.

That is not to say that Herbal Medicine cannot kill or harm you, for it can, nor that self-prescribed supplements cannot do harm, for they can. Each needs to be approached with caution and not used unless prescribed by a qualified professional.

Medical modalities like Acupuncture and Homeopathy cannot hurt you but they also require expert diagnosis and prescription if they are to be optimally effective.

At the end of the day the body heals and cures, all else is support. The problem with things like ‘superfoods’ is that, as with all things, unless they are correct for you and taken in the correct dose, they are likely to do little good and can do some harm. Certainly, they will never do the harm that pharmaceuticals do, but they can do harm.

Worse, they encourage this erroneous and dangerous belief that we can maintain or restore health with no effort beyond the ‘quick fix.’

The body ‘speaks’ in symptoms and when we listen to the language of the body we can come to understand what is at work in us and what it is our psyche and soma need for optimal health. The process is slow. There is no quick fix. We need to be aware, observant, attentive, considered and considerate.

Health is a lifelong process and while obsession is neither wise or required, attention is crucial. Listen to your body, respect your body, treat your body with love and care, eat food which contains optimal nutrition and prepare the food with care. Enjoy what you eat. Food remains the first and best medicine and while supports may be needed at times, if you are measured, sensible, moderate and informed about what you eat, your health will be the better for it.

I also believe that enjoying the preparation and eating of food is the greatest act of love and the best medicine of all. You do not need miracle foods or pills – you need to spend the time looking after the only body you will ever have.


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