when the most dangerous lifestyle choice might be how often you see a doctor…

The most important life-style changes, as those who embark upon this course, report is to:

a. ensure a varied diet of fresh, local where possible, organic where possible, as little processed as possible, food which is prepared at home and most importantly, enjoyed. Food is the first and best medicine.

b. avoid medications wherever possible and particularly those prescribed as part of ‘maybe medicine’ where you take a drug for a disease you do not have and may never get.

c. be cautious with how much toxicity and synthetic diseases you subject your body to through vaccination.

d. avoid antibiotics unless your life literally depends on them, at which point, if you are lucky, they might be the great gift to you and medicine which they were before science and medicine exploited and abused them to render them often useless and your body’s immune system, less than effective.

e. as the source of the third or fourth biggest killer, approach with caution all medical professionals, particularly where prescription drugs or anything prefaced by the word prophylactic is involved.

f. explore non-allopathic medical methodologies which are highly effective in treating and curing disease and more importantly, keeping you well in the first place. None of them will kill or hospitalise you in the way your prescribed medication just might.

Beyond that, enjoy life and take your chances and, where you have questions, do your own research, across the spectrum first and listen with caution whenever science/medicine pontificates or dictates on health matters.


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