The pompous prats who inhabit so much of science….

This article demonstrates everything I and others say about so many in science today – arrogance, ignorance, pomposity, snideness, sarcasm, patronisation and mockery.

There is no such thing as pseudoscience. It is purely a term invented by those acolytes of materialist reductionist science who so fear any other thinking that they seek to demonise and discredit.

Let us not forget that quantum physics when first mooted was regarded by many, including Einstein, as what would now be deemed pseudoscience.

When science returns to the truth of its philosophy and practice there will once again, simply be science, and it will not be crushed and distorted within a purely materialist reductionist paradigm, but will be true to the soul of science and embrace all possibilities with curiosity, professionalism and integrity.

At that point it will no longer need to seek to ‘burn’ at metaphorical stakes those who question and seek to investigate beyond the small material world which, for the moment, science has chosen to inhabit.…/29/pseudoscience-science-argum

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2 Responses to The pompous prats who inhabit so much of science….

  1. dondeg says:

    Ah, ignore those idiots. If you need a laugh and to wash your mind off after that garbage, check out this fun post I just did about science:



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