If I could list the things I miss,
now that you are no longer so
deeply in my world, despite the
fact I know, you might, just

maybe, might return one day
or not, and therein lies the
deep, abiding place of loss, I
would say, and not in any

order, that I miss the broad
spread of your smile; the way
you had of speaking, slowly,
casually, as if we had all the

time in the world; the clear
bright shine in your eyes; the
way you brushed your hair
back with your hand; the way

you slouched in your seat, so
relaxed, at peace with yourself
and with me; the way you had
of making me laugh with a

wit, so cutting sometimes it
hurt, even though it was not
meant to; the way you had
of being present,  no words

needed and none offered; the
way your brow furrowed when
something troubled you; the
way you looked with deep,

abiding love on those who
loved you in return….. such
a list could and does go on
without end, because there

will never be enough words
to hold in place, what I miss,
and never a list so long that
it could contain all it must.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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