How do you treat your best friend in the entire worl?

Here’s a question. How do you treat your best friends? Do you mistrust them? Do you expect them to betray you? Are you always suspicious of what they might do? Do you at times fear your best friends?

Do you regularly check on them because you expect them to hurt you in some way? Do you get angry with them when they don’t do exactly what you want? Do you ignore them for long periods of time, treat them badly, abuse them, hurt their feelings without caring?

Do you ignore their needs? Do you force them to do what you want even though they protest? Do you demand that they perform exactly as you want when you want? Would you use any means possible to silence a best friend if they tried to speak to you, tried to tell you something?

Probably not. You would not have many if any best friends would you?

And yet how many people treat their body in this way? How many people see their body as more enemy than friend, who cannot be trusted and when it speaks, is best ignored.

And they do this, despite the fact that your body is your best friend in your life and will be with you from birth to death in ways that you cannot gaurantee any other friend will. Should not such a friend be cherished, cared for and loved?

Most of us continue to love our best friends no matter what. We accept their failings, comfort them when they hurt, soothe their fears, listen to them when they speak and honour them with enormous respect. So why not do the same for your body?

Other friends and those we love may ‘leave’ in one way or another, death being most final, but we are in it for the duration with the miracle that is our body and yet too often people treat their body as if it were their worst enemy and not their dearest friend.

To be fair, science/medicine encourages people to believe that their body is ‘other,’ separate, and no more than a piece of equipment to be repaired when it breaks down, if possible, serviced from time to time but usually only when a warning light goes on; topped up as a bag of chemicals and never, ever to be trusted as a friend.

And yet if people treated their human friends as they do their bodies, no-one would be surprised if the friend became traumatised, confused, angry and resistant. We and our body are more like a universe than a machine and we are certainly more an organism than pure mechanics or a collection of chemicals.

It has often been said that we have to love ourselves first before we can truly love anyone else and a good place to begin is with the body. Thoughts, words, actions which demonstrate absolute love of and for and with your body, no matter how it ‘looks’ or what it is ‘doing’ or ‘being’ or how it is manifest, is a demonstration of love – love being connectedness, and the ultimate in love being ultimate connectedness.

If you believe in love for friends and family then don’t leave out your one true and constant best friend – your body. You might be surprised when you start to listen, love and consider your body how much your health improves.

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