Friday, October 3, 2014


Language of the heavens does inspire,
in number does the world express desire,
as conversation underpins it all
with information as the basic call.

In sacred steps the calculations rise,
each digit stands as true material prize,
the cipher does a firm foundation set,
so all is manifested, then and yet.

In robes of full imagining they stand,
cardinal and decimal go hand in hand,
integer and prime in serious dance,
as whole and ordinal do then advance.

Statistic, sum and total take the floor,
in steady counting now and evermore,
denominator, fractions do apply;
symbols which do make the angels sigh.


The world does sing in number,
ancient songs of true connection,
drawing through the ages, all
that we can be, and that which will
be made manifest, through pure
and calculated imagining; rocked
gently in the cradle of becoming,
listening to the crooning of angels
who alone can speak the language
of mathematics birthing soul.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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