You turned me into metaphor,

you did not see my face,

my voice was barely heard,

my heart did have no trace.

I was imagined construct,

some image in your mind,

the truth of me eternal lost,

no part of me defined.

I had become a shadow,

my shape was fluid form,

identity had been denied,

projection had me torn.

You did not see my nature,

you did not touch my soul,

you turned me into metaphor;

dross from what was gold.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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3 Responses to Metaphor

  1. Surreal write in a way. Metaphor of being like invisible. Like the way you thought this out!
    Fluid like ink on paper such creativity in this write. Well done!

  2. dondeg says:

    I use the term “place holder” for this. People do it to each other all the time: use each other as place holders. The trick, I think, is to see one doing it to others and stop doing it.

    Thanks. -Don

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