In that voice which calls
from deepest heart and mind,
which speaks of justice
and of what should be,
if we are to have a world
where human rights abide,
so there will be many who
 are frequently offended.
And yet is it not greater,
that offence which comes
when we deny the truth
or seek to censor, make
tidy, that which is raw,
bleeding, brutal and unjust?
When we seek to silence
voices, because they make
us feel uncomfortable, or
because they do not fit
so neatly into the world
we wish to make, then
we seek in truth to
silence our very souls, and
it is not the voices which
die, but ourselves and our
hopes and our futures, and
worse, the hopes and futures
of those who will come after.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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2 Responses to Voices

  1. cecilia says:

    Just read your rants on Viv’ s site. Thank you.. sadly speaking out solves very little but it does help to clarify things for the less informed.. like me.. though having no TV is sometimes a blessing.. c

  2. rosross says:

    Thanks Cecilia. Well, with a background in journalism I am unlikely to ever give up an interest in what goes on in the world although I will say I never get it from television which is better in Australia than the US where it is nothing but propaganda, because it is the worst source of news- in fact it is not really news and particularly not on the issue of Palestine.

    But I do believe in moderation as well. I guess I believe the freeing of Palestine from nearly 70 years of colonial oppression and military occupation matters because Israel claims to be a democracy and what it does betrays the democratic principles on which our Western world so perilously stands.

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