Richard Dawkins doth protest too much

So Richard Dawkins has established a Foundation to work to push atheist and secular views and to limit religion. That seems naieve rather than noble but no doubt it gives him satisfaction.

Now admittedly Richard Dawkins has set up his Foundation in the US where most of the world’s Christian crazies live and even beyond them it is the most religious of any nation in the developed world so the ‘way they do things in the United States’ is not thankfully how it is done in the saner parts of the developed world.

Which makes the position Dawkins has taken possibly relevant to Americans but not particularly to the rest. Beyond which, his campaign to control religion is a tad hypocritical given the damage done by science and by atheism and the destructive potential both have in the modern world. It is the lack of balance in Mr Dawkins’ position which rings warning bells.

But isn’t it a case of Dawkins methinks protests too much? I mean why the hysteria? Surely truth will out and we live in an age where more people are secular, particularly in the developed world, the modern world, than ever before in history.

To me Dawkins is a classic example of someone who has been ‘swallowed’ by the shadow. Anyone who takes an extreme position, will have, sitting at the other end of the polarity, the opposite.

Dawkins has become as fanatical about his beliefs and his position as those he decries on the religious side of the spectrum.

You could take Dawkins words, more often than not, and replace the words science or atheism with that of any fundamentalist religion and not spot the difference.

‘That which we condemn in others is that which we deny in ourselves,’ is classic shadow and classic Richard Dawkins. And it is a pity because he is an intelligent, well educated and generally well informed individual on many subjects where his prejudice and visceral subjectivity do not get in the way. One can only presume that his capacity for self-aware is severely limited on the topic of religion, no doubt for deeply repressed and greatly painful reasons for it is there and then that the shadow does its best ‘work.’

The Foundation would be more effective and have more value if its founder were not so mired in prejudice and I would add, ignorance because of high subjectivity.

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