What are we doing to our children?

How can anyone not question what we are doing to our children given the massive increase in learning and behavioural difficulties?

Anyone who ignores the fact that children today are ‘lab rats’ in a science/medical experiment of the nature and scale which has never, ever, ever been encountered in human evolutionary history, is in a state of denial.

Never before have human beings been subjected to so much interference beginning before conception.

Conception takes place in an environment which may well contain drugs, vaccines, food additives and a wide variety of chemicals, along with high levels of electro-magnetism. And that does not even take into account the completely artificial nature of IVF.

The foetus is then subjected to sound-waves through ultrasound examination even during the early months when cells are still dividing and the baby is not formed. For some this may be once or twice, for others a dozen times throughout the pregnancy. Given how little science knows about human development, even while knowing much at a material level, it is impossible to say what impact this has on the developing child although research shows that ultrasounds create changes in cells in a petri dish.

At the same time the foetus may be developing in an environment which includes prescribed drugs, vaccines and various chemical toxins in the mother’s body.

Few babies today are born completely naturally. At birth most are again subjected to yet more drugs, either to induce birth, or to drug their mothers as pain-killers. They are also subjected to more monitoring and birth environments which are bright, hard, clinical and hardly calming.

Too many will be cut from their mothers and brought into the world in a C-section delivery which is not required on any emergency basis and which science now knows leads to compromised gut function which damages immune function and brain function.

Within 24 hours of birth the baby is vaccinated with a synthetic and artificial disease cocktail and in the following six months, before there is even a functioning immune system, will receive many more. The average child today will receive some forty vaccines within the first few years.

In addition, a child which is not breastfed will be ingesting various levels of ‘toxins’ depending on the quality of the formula chosen, ranging from Genetically Modified, to synthesized ingredients and chemical preservatives and additives.

And too few children will get through their first few years without their body being subjected to numerous doses of antibiotics. Once again, the antibiotic, or anti-life, as it means, will compromise and at times destroy gut function which damages immune function which impacts brain function.

Most children through diet will be ingesting high levels of chemicals, synthesized ingredients, colourings, sugar and artificial fats, along with many GM foods, the impact of which on human function is not yet known.

They will also be conceived and will grow in an ocean of electro-magnetism sourced in modern technology. With homes, including bedrooms, awash with television sets, computers, telephones, electric clocks, mobile phones, ipads, wi-fi and as often as not will spend much of their time sitting in front of a television set or holding an ipad in their hands, both known to impact and change brain function – and not for the better.

And school will be no different with children exposed even more to wi-fi hotspots and electrical equipment.

Perhaps what is remarkable is that the damage is not greater although given the epidemic in behavioural and learning difficulties and autism, one could argue we do not know the true extent of the damage and will not until these ‘damaged’ children reach adulthood.

Given the fact that modern science/medicine must surely play a part in this disease in so many of our children they are hardly likely to be the source of answers in terms of healing and cure. Modern medicine pretty much does knife and drugs and seeks to remove symptoms rather than heal. Too many children are on prescribed medication and this is more likely to be a nightmare of enormous proportions when they become adults, than anything approximating a cure.

It is time to look elsewhere. What children eat makes a huge difference to their health and taking the time to ensure they eat organic and natural food is important. So too is removing electrical equipment from their bedrooms and limiting television and not allowing ipads until they are at least twelve, preferably older for the highly sensitive.

There is no doubt that both Homeopathy and Acupuncture can help these children and Amy Lansky’s, The Impossible Cure, is well worth reading in regard to the use of Homeopathy to cure autism, but there are other methodologies which can assist in ‘re-wiring’ brain function and one of those is art therapy.

In the meantime one can only hope that in a profit and fear-driven world of science/medicine there will still be enough researchers of integrity who are prepared to ask the hard questions about what we do to our children. Do we need ultrasounds in pregnancy beyond high-risk cases? Should C-section be banned except in absolute emergency? Should vaccines not be administered before six months when the baby at least has some immune function? And all the other questions.

Doctors are very quick to point the finger at pregnant women for what they eat or drink and yet happily subject their babies to drugs, vaccines, interventionist procedures and antibiotics, all of which are far, far more dangerous than a glass of wine at night or a slice of salami or soft cheese.

No system is perfect, least of all science or medicine and only when parents start asking questions and demand accountability will there be change.


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