Do not play the Israeli propaganda game

For anyone supporting the Palestinians it is important not to play a part in Israel’s propaganda game.
Israel does not refer to Occupied Palestine but calls them Occupied or even Disputed Territories. They are not disputed and they are not Territories. Always refer to Occupied Palestine.

Israel also does not refer to Palestinians but only to Hamas. Hamas is a political movement and since both Israel and the US rejected its democratic election to lead Palestinians it does not represent Palestinians. Hamas is a political group which is a part of the Palestinian Resistance and while many of its members are in Israeli gaols, there are others remaining who are active in Gaza. However, Israel pretends that all Palestinian resistance fighters are Hamas when they are not. Israel managed to get Hamas designated as a terrorist entity, no doubt with money and interesting photos changing hands, but Hamas is NOT the Palestinians. Refer always to Palestinians because this is a colonial war waged by Israel against the Palestinians.

Israel also pretends that Gaza is some sort of state or separate entity or even delusionally, a country. It is not. Gaza is a prison, a concentration camp in Occupied Palestine. It does not have borders with Israel – it has an electric fence which the IDF controls. Gaza is a part of Occupied Palestine and there are no Gazan people they are all Palestinians.

Israel likes to pretend that it is ‘plucky little Israel’ against the entire Muslim/Arab world. It is not. The Arabs like any culture,i.e. European are not one cohesive unit but disparate and they are not united against Israel, in fact they offered acceptance of Israel some years ago, full acceptance if Israel ended the occupation. Israel refused.

And neither is it Israel against the Muslim world. Not all Muslims are Arab in fact most are not. Iranians are not Arab, Muslims in India are not Arab, Indonesians, the most populous Muslim country are not Arab.

Because Israel wants to disguise the fact that it is brutalising some five million or so helpless Palestinians it spreads the lie and buries the truth in this fantasy that it is holding out against tens of millions of Arabs or Muslims. It is not.

Israeli propaganda also pushes the lie that this is a war between Muslims and Jews. It is not. Most Jews do not live in Israel or Occupied Palestine, never did and never will. Many Jews utterly reject what Israel is and does.

Do not hold Jews responsible for the evil that is Israel. What Israel does and is remains absolutely counter to Jewish teachings. All religions become distorted but when evil is done in the name of a religion it does not mean all members are responsible.

It does however behove those who oppose to speak out.

Israel will continue to repeat the lie that that this war is about Jews and Arabs. It is not and those who wish to support justice for the Palestinians should not repeat the lie for them. Jews are a religion and Arabs are a culture. Most Jews do not live in Israel and most Arabs do not live in Palestine.

This is a colonial war waged by Israel against Palestine. Do not repeat Israeli propaganda which seeks to turn this into a war between a religion and a culture. The only labels which apply to this issue are Israelis and Palestinians. Nothing else.

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