Israel is truly sick and needs our help.

I think it is important not to turn this issue regarding Israel’s war against the Palestinians, into a campaign against Jews or Judaism because that just plays into Zionist/Israeli hands and is not fair to either the religion or many of its members.Israel does not represent Jews in general or Judaism and there are many Jews who actively work against Zionist Israel and for the Palestinians. In addition, orthodox Jewry always opposed the creation of a literal State of Israel on religious principle and many still do.

Yes many Jews do support and fund Israel but so too do many fundamentalist Christians and so too do many governments which are neither Jewish or Zionist and while many, perhaps most, may be influenced by the power (money) and influence of Jews, Zionism and Israel, the fact is this issue is about a colonial war waged by Israelis against Palestinians and it is not a religious war waged by Judaism against Islam.

What Israel wants is to have it re-inforced that Jews everywhere are threatened and that is why Israel must retain power and must have all of Palestine. The fact that most Jews do not live in Israel, never did and never will is an inconvenient fact so the more Israel can encourage this ‘battle’ as one between all Jews and the infidel Palestinians in particular and Muslims in general, then the better the Zionist case is served.

It is also important to remember that there are some Israeli Jews, albeit a minority, but there are some, who along with many Jews around the world actively oppose their Government’s racist and genocidal policies and work for justice. The more this is turned into a Jewish issue then the harder it will be to encourage the broader Israeli Jewish society to rethink what they are doing.

There is no doubt that Israel, founded in delusion, propaganda, lies, distortions and trauma, real and imagined, is a society which because of all of that has remained backward, i.e. it has not developed as a modern, civilized nation. People tend not to evolve, develop, move on when they feel they are threatened and the entire raison d’etre of Israel is the need to be permanently, eternally threatened. In such a culture if you do not have an enemy you must invent and create one. And you must make sure that your enemy can never become a friend.

The Israelis as occupiers had an ‘enemy’ on hand, the Palestinians. Despite the fact that the Palestinians are essentially powerless in any military sense, they are of course an enemy because they have justice and numbers on their side. Israel exists on Palestine and Israelis are colonists in Palestine.

One can only wonder beyond Zionist propaganda whether or not other safer options for a State of Israel were refused simply because the culture demanded and needed an active enemy to maintain its victim mentality and its warring mentality sourced in the delusion that all Jews for all time would and always must be persecuted.

One could equally argue that the Palestinians, oppressed, imprisoned, abused, subjugated have also been prevented from evolving but as the British experience during the German blitz demonstrated, when people are subjected to enormous trauma and yet have justice on their side they are never destroyed and while wounded, not as damaged, and they become stronger and more resilient.

So it is Israeli society and Israelis who have been corrupted, debased and weakened by their occupation and their actions as one of the most brutal and murderous occupiers in modern history, and at some level, since while they may be socially backward they remain as intelligent as any of us, they sense this. They may not be able to admit it consciously, well, some can but they are exceptions, but they sense it and that serves to intensify the fear which intensifies the paranoia which intensifies the need to de-humanise the Palestinians and to turn them into some sort of mythic enemy, evil beyond any measure ever known, in order to justify their injustices and abuse of them.

It is a vicious cycle and circle which turns around insanities, delusions and fear. I am not saying that one forgives Israel for its appalling atrocities committed in the name of occupation, colonisation and apartheid but that we need to recognise that as a society they are delusional if not insane and the same applies to everyone living in the culture, whether resident in Israel or not, to lesser and greater degrees.

For madness is contagious. When you read comments from people who are no doubt educated, intelligent and I am sure very reasonable people in the real world justifying the slaughter of Palestinian children so Israel can continue to occupy Palestine you cannot help but reach a point of thinking – they are all quite deranged. How can any human being of conscience countenance any of this war crime, any death, of anyone, children most of all purely because Israel chooses to occupy Palestine.

By all means seek to explain why Israel feel this way but to dismiss so many dead, mangled, maimed, suffering children is simply pure evil in the sense of evil being the absolute in ignorance and an utter lack of compassion or regard for the humanity of others.

These are people. These are human beings. These are small, terrified children being blown apart because their parents are resisting a brutal military occupation. And they are in the wrong. The massive military regime which bombs them is right.

Is the world mad? I am beginning to think that those who support Israel’s behaviour are quite mad. That is the only gracious conclusion one can reach.

How do you deal with such madness? In the same way we deal with it in individuals. Action must be taken to control Israel and to prevent them from doing further harm to themselves and to others. Until Governments become active in that process it must be through the peaceful but powerful process of BDS and for that each and everyone of us can play a part.

And not just for the Palestinians but for Israelis as well who are truly ‘sick’ as a society and a culture and deserving of compassion even as they are controlled.

Justice will serve Israelis as well as Palestinians and perhaps the former more simply because the Palestinians have time, justice, numbers and world opinion on their side and the Israelis have nothing on their side.

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