Live, love and laugh for today you may die… and forgive as well.

Life is short and unpredictable. We all know that and we are constantly reminded of its reality.

While I do believe there is a world beyond this one and we can understand better than we do now, when we cross over, for the sake of others and ourselves, it is wise to deal with personal issues before one exits this mortal coil. As the saying goes, ‘don’t go to bed on an argument,’ and I would add, don’t go to death on a disagreement.

And since none of us know when we will exit, that means, do the work now – make a gesture, make amends, sorry if you have to, it is just a word and if it is important to someone else it is such a small and important thing to offer. Who cares who ‘wins’ or ‘loses,’ who cares whose position is validated or invalidated, because when we have troubles in relationships with those we love and who love us in return, no-one wins – everyone loses.

And being ‘right’ or holding some mythical moral high-ground, retaining anger for wrongs real and imagined, refusing in fact to offer love to those you love harms you more than it does them. And is not a lesson you want your children to learn.

Live, love, laugh for it is not just tomorrow that you may die but today. There is only Now.

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Editor, writer, poet.
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