Come and sit beside me I said to myself…

Come and sit beside me I said to myself,
take a place, settle in, move as close
as you can, for we are alone on this
journey through life – the me and the I,

that are contained within this Self that
we know and while we have wonderful people
who love us as family and friends and
companions, it really is just us on the

road to becoming, from birth unto death,
and in between, in moments especially,
where there is pain, suffering, hurt,
grief and deepest sorrow, we are most

truly, absolutely and completely alone,
for there in those places, no matter how
much we may yearn and while the love of
others can and does, help to heal the

wounds, it is really just us, in the depths
of those dark, bitter-bright nights and
meandering days, that we are reminded
of the truth we would choose to forget,

or deny, and that is why we need to
hold hands, hold hearts, hold minds and
hold together as one for the greatest
loss is when we are broken apart, split

asunder, in that tearing of Self from
Soul, which lays waste the ground on
which we stand, sit and lie down to
sleep; which destroys the pure and

perfect foundation of our unique truth,
that grace of being where all that we
are and all that we have been and all
that we may be, settles in harmony and

a peace which passes all understanding,
for others, but not for us, because
we have learned in those lost, silent
places, that it comes down to us,as we

sit,beside each other, holding hands….

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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