Why are we here?

Why are we here is something humans have asked themselves from the beginning. Some more than others, and some more often than others.

There are various theories, thousands of them no doubt, but, at the end of the day, coming up with a set of beliefs which work for us as we live in this world is all that really matters.

My sense is that if this world is anything it is an experiment in the material and every one of us has volunteered to participate in that experiment and incarnated accordingly. This material world is what we make manifest, how we make manifest and in that sense is neither good, nor evil – it is just an experience within the world of matter created by each and every one of us as individuals, as families and as shared societies and communities.

That is why we are not ‘all created equal’ but come into this world with varying skills, natures, abilities and circumstance to make the best of the life we have chosen to live within the constraints of and opportunities provided by the world of matter.

I would see it more as Shakespeare said, like a play. We write the script before we incarnate, choose the setting, the ‘theatre’, the budget, the ‘props,’ fellow ‘actors’ etc., and then incarnate as central character, producer and director with some capacity to interpret and stage the ‘play’ within the limitations which are in place.

To that degree, the Arab term, ‘it is written’ is fitting. We can change some things, depending upon our skills as actor and writer and director, some more than others, but the general script and circumstance remains, in some cases, with an ability to ‘change the ending.’

And the goal of it all is to learn, through experience, the limits and possibilities of this material world. A worthy experiment. A worthy experience.

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Editor, writer, poet.
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