When the heart breaks

When the heart breaks do not cover it,

but leave the wound open, raw, exposed

to the light and the healing sun, ready,

to be warmed from the chill of pain,


soothed by the breath of compassion,

touched by the kisses of caring and

of love, and able to speak what it has

known, and of that which it hopes will


be, when the day comes, for the weeping

edges of gaping sore to be taken tenderly,

by time, wisdom, and eternal hope, and

held in place, secure, comforted, certain


that everything must, can and will, heal,

and it will mend more quickly and more

surely if it is seen, honoured, recognised

for what it has become; for what it needed


to be,  as the experience destiny offered,

than if it were hidden, unknown, denied

and left in dark, mortal, festering.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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