What would we do without bacon and eggs?

I personally believe that God gave us bacon and eggs just as S/HE gave us alcohol because life was just too miserable to bear without them.

Bacon, eggs, baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and thick toast with lashings of butter for Sunday breakfast!! Delish.

And so we said, who first thought of this? Well, probably most people had bacon hanging from the rafters, and eggs from their own chickens and if nothing else was left then it was probably bacon and eggs and stale bread toasted over the fire. No doubt tomatoes, mushrooms and baked beans came later although my absolute favourite is black pudding which of course we do not have in Malawi but I can get at home from Barossa Delights.

For those who do not know Black Pudding is made from pork blood and oatmeal and must be incredibly high in nutrients, particularly iron. It is wondrous, sliced and fried. Those canny Scots. They also made White Pudding which is minus the blood and a bit tasteless with lots of pepper to make up for the guts which is lacking.


One presumes that in the days of yore, before fridges, and when food could and did run out, that often a meal was a fryup of whatever was left around and in desperation that included last night’s vegetables as bubble and squeak which my father often cooked and which I always hated. However, I am sure like most things bubble and squeak could be prepared in more palatable form and it was probably the big lumps of pumpkin and the coarsely chopped cabbage which amounted to overkill in taste terms.

But what would we do without eggs or bacon? They say the hardest thing for vegetarians to give up is bacon and it makes you wonder why would you bother. Some it seems have ‘bacon hits’ on the side, which is perfectly understandable and I am sure is extremely good for them.


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