Why so much hysteria from the pro-vaccination movement?

I have just pondering the emotional reaction so many seem to have to the issue of vaccination. One would think we were facing something akin to the Black Death, just because a minority are opting to limit or reject vaccination when the issue is raised.

I can understand why some people vigorously support vaccination and why others vigorously oppose it but I cannot understand why the supporters get so adamant if not angry about those who see it differently. I mean, if vaccination works then the only threat is to the unvaccinated. That is common sense and logic.

So why such passion? Why do some get hysterical at the thought that some people choose to limit or reject vaccination? What is the fear at the source of it because anger is always sourced in fear. And ignorance. It is as if those who believe in vaccination are too fearful to have compassion and understanding for those who question it and from my perspective, those who question it, particularly parents, do not do so lightly. And those parents who choose to limit or reject then have to live with the agonising question of whether or not they have made the right decision.

Most parents want what is best for their children and I think whatever position one takes on vaccination, for or against, that needs to be remembered.

For what it is worth most parents who question vaccination and decide to limit or reject it do so because previous child or children have either died or been damaged following vaccination.

And the group questioning vaccination is, research shows, the most educated in societies and therefore the best able to do the research before making up their mind.

Every parent wants the best for their child and it is oxymoronic to believe a parent chooses to limit or reject vaccination for their child without due cause, particularly when they will be villified and demonised and assured by most of society that they are risking their child’s life.

Most parents are far too busy to add to their workload by making the effort and taking the time and increasing that burden by researching vaccination and choosing to limit or reject. It takes enormous energy to ‘go against the herd’ or the prevailing social views and why would anyone do that unless they really and truly believed it was necessary? They would not.

No parent would ever question vaccination without good cause and it is intolerance and arrogance to villify those who do. Demanding that everyone follow the majority, or the prevailing science/medical view, particularly given how much science/medicine gets wrong, is what happens in tyrannies and dictatorships but in a democracy people take responsibility and accountability for their own decisions regarding health. That is their right.

And if people believe vaccination is not healthy they have as much of a right to put that belief into practice as those who believe it is healthy.

If one person is happy to believe that being vaccinated and medicated are what constitutes health then fine. But if another person believes that vaccination and medication make no sense as a health practice then that should also be fine.

The much touted ‘herd immunity’ provided by 100% vaccination has no substance. For one thing there will never be even 90% vaccination throughout the world, never, ever, ever, and for another, in an age of air travel it is impossible to ensure 100% vaccination in any given country at any given time. There is also a scientifically validated argument that ‘herd immunity’ when it occurs only does so through naturally incurred disease and not through artificial and synthesized disease as found in vaccines.

So, if herd immunity is impossible and the vaccinated are protected then why on earth does it matter if some people opt to limit or reject vaccination? Why such hysteria for no sound purpose?

Live and let live and never more so than when it comes to personal decisions about health.



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1 Response to Why so much hysteria from the pro-vaccination movement?

  1. Imelda says:

    Very well said. 🙂

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