Women and girls in chains – ban burghas and hijabs!

No society would tolerate a woman with her feet and hands chained as a matter of so-called religious belief and yet too many tolerate not just women but girls, ‘chained’ in hijabs and burghas (chadors)!

Chains limit our ability to move normally – hijabs and burghas limit the ability of a woman and girl to move normally. Chains are a form of punishment – hijabs and burghas are a form of punishment. Chains mean we are held prisoner – women and girls who wear hijabs and burghas are held prisoner by a misogynistic, backward and barbaric form of religion.

A woman, sitting in a hotel restaurant, trying to manipulate food from plate to mouth, underneath a burgha is a sickening sight – particularly when her husband casually dressed in a short-sleeved linen shirt and very smart trousers, sits by her side shovelling food into his mouth in a normal way of eating which is not denied even to animals.

Seeing a little girl wrapped up in a hijab with the sun never to shine on her skin and the wind never to play through her hair is not just sad, it is disgraceful that it should ever be allowed. Hijabs are child abuse for young girls in ways which should never be tolerated in any society. If a parent used belts or rope to achieve the same restraints on his daughter there would be outrage.

These clothing prisons inflicted on women and girls in the name of primitive religious belief are also a serious health risk beyond the clear psychological trauma which must be involved, particularly in children. With the skin denied exposure to sun the incidence of Vitamin D deficiency is dramatically higher and this deficiency predisposes to serious disease of all kinds.

So not only are women and girls subjected to the physical and mental trauma of being chained by their clothes, they are condemned to poorer health as a result.

Hijabs and burghas should be banned – they are no more than a socially acceptable method of chaining up women and girls.




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2 Responses to Women and girls in chains – ban burghas and hijabs!

  1. Loving Covering says:

    Do you mean that if a woman or child wanted to wear a hijab, you would want them to be prevented to do so? Isn’t that restricting their freedom?
    I would argue that a society that objectifies women constantly, where appearance and attractiveness are everywhere seen as the sign of a woman’s worth and value, is more oppressive than one that encourages the hijab. I wouldn’t want women to be forced to wear hijab, but neither would I want women to be forced not to wear one. I’ve covered my head for some time now, and have found it astonishingly liberating!

  2. kazemah says:

    How dare you claim to know how I, a woman who wears hijab, feels? You don’t know whether I feel liberated or oppressed in my hijab because you don’t bother to ask. You assume you know what’s best for me and so it must be as you say. Since, I’m sure you won’t ask, I’ll tell you. I have never, ever felt oppressed by wearing the hijab. What bothers me isn’t wearing hijab, but the way ignorant people like yourself act towards me for CHOICING to wear it. Just as you have the right to walk around in a bikini and look trashy, I have the right to cover myself and dress with self- respect.
    “These clothing prisons”? LOL. A true clothing prison is a woman who thinks she has to wear as little clothes as possible to get any attention from a man. A truly oppressed woman is one who has no self- worth or dignity and dresses to let other men know just that.

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