Bound for Australia

Ties that bind, loop back through long-gone days,
wind around the past and present, reach for future,
with all the cellular remembering and faded images;
full dried words, replete, on yellowed papers.

Lives left huddled in their dark imaginings and fears,
oceans crossed in salted, sickened heavings,
new soil dusting on tired skirts and footprints;
great southern land did whisper through their dreams.

No more the desperate, driven, snow-bound seasons,
beyond the stinking, sickened cities crowding close,
into a world where sun shines, bright-lit freedoms;
courage casts adrift, for countless, myriad reasons. 

Wide, horizon endless, skies cerulean, deepest blue,
red earth spread near, and driven onto heady distance,
as eucalypts did drift redolent, strange and ancient;
so did they walk into a world so alien and new.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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