Forgiving and forgetting

Forgiveness can come much more easily
than forgetting – that letting go, not of wrongs
or bad memories, but in fact, the opposite,
the removing of thoughts and images of love,
connecting, joy and happiness with someone,
who is no longer in your life,

whether in the physical or the emotional or
the literal, for, it is in the remembering and
the not forgetting, that pain waits, ready to
rise again, as grief,  when, if you had forgotten
and there was no remembering, then there
would be an end to suffering,

and the tears would no longer fall,
the heart would no longer ache, the mind
would no longer be tormented by  what
is no more, and may never be again, because
without reminders, it would be possible
to forget what has been lost

and it would mean the hurting would end,
and hope would no longer be railing against
closed doors and shuttered windows, for there
would be no knowledge of a past, just a turning
to a future – as if what was had never been –
as if nothing had been lost which could be
restored –

as if it were possible to ever get over
the loss of someone you love deeply … but
of course it isn’t and one can never forget,
no matter how long or deep the forgiveness.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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