Love’s leg

Love’s leg twisted like an insect broken on the ground,
and truth did squat in waiting by the side of starving heart,
as air grew heavy, screamed for yes, but when no came,
could only laugh, like tinkled music on a radio set loud.

My mind was licking through memories, hunched and ready
like a restless, spongey cat whose weight in gentle wallow ,
settled at the side of hope, rubbed eyes of deepest blue
as the wind blew through trees and Soul held heaven steady.

Time’s pen did draw a picture, lined in shining, polished silver,
and in the corner was the knot of passion, finely set, revealed,
a test of life where small kids dreams could find a settled place;
in that silent Spring of being  which rides heart like a river.

Sky fluffed skirts of rust and cream and iridescent blues,
in magic of becoming, the clouds gathered in blossomed party,
to celebrate the morning of deliverance when freedom called;
courage leads the way when mind wails forever what it rues.

Marian: leg squat insect
Debi: Starving truth heart
Barbara: air radio laugh
Misky: yes but when
Irene: licking spongy cat
Jules: gentle wallow weight
Nicole: wind blue tree
Abby: draw picture silver
Jules: knot corner
Debi: life small kids
Barbara: spring, silent
Misky: rides heart
Irene: rust sky
Nicole: party magic
Scars of Angst: wails forever

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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