Science is not always right and it may be very wrong on vaccines

It is very important to differentiate between what science says vaccination does in an orthodox sense; what science says vaccination might or can do in a broader sense; what doctors, parents and people experience vaccination doing; what common sense and an understanding of immune function says vaccination can or might do, and consider all aspects of what is, after all, in human history, a very recent medical experiment.

I appreciate that for many people the word of science/medicine equates with the word of God, but for many others it does not. While some may believe anything science says, others do not. While some, even many, may need to believe what science says to assuage their fears, many do not. While some may refuse to countenance anything unless it has been approved by science/medicine, others do not.Freedom of choice is core in all of this. At this point in our very, very, very recent history of vaccines an experimental methodology is based on a procedure which is questionable when you study the history of vaccination and which is very questionable when you study how the body’s immune system functions.

I am sure that most people are robust enough to ‘survive’ the vaccination onslaught, although given the massive rise in serious and chronic disease in people in general and children in particular, that is also questionable, but there is no doubt that nearly a quarter of the population is highly sensitive and may be seriously affected.

That is why everyone must be free to choose for themselves. Here is one reason why not everyone can be robust enough to survive vaccines unscathed, particularly given the number administers now, and at seriously young ages and in multiple quantities:

danger of by-passing and undermining the immune system is well established in the medical literature. According to Walene James (Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth 1988 pp 14-15.)

Vaccines bypass the body’s normal lines of immune defence: There is a fundamental issue with injecting particles of infectious diseases directly into the bloodstream, thereby bypassing the immune system’s first line of defence—called the Th1 level of the immune system—in a “surprise attack” on the second line of defence—called the Th2 level—that is so distressing to the body it can cause anaphylactic shock.

In nature, diseases are introduced into the body through the nose, mouth, skin and lungs, triggering a first line of defence that usually combats the illness before it ever reaches the bloodstream.

Vaccines’ repeated “back-door assaults” on the Th2 level of the immune system make it hyper-sensitive and compel it to react inappropriately to other normally harmless substances like peanuts; the result is a generation of children with damaged immune systems who suffer from food and environmental allergies, asthma and increasingly with life threatening anaphylactic disorders.

So, if you are sensitive then your children are likely to be sensitive. Err on the side of caution if you decide to vaccinate. Wait at least until the child is more than six months, after the age of one is better; only ever administer single-dose vaccines; space vaccination 6-12 weeks apart depending on reactions and how sensitive you believe your child is and after research, opt only for those vaccines you have decided are necessary. If you can breastfeed then do as this confers extra immunity to your baby. Try not to feel guilty if you choose to do other than current social beliefs insist, and remember that modern medicine has many useful skills and if your baby is sick and you are concerned then do not hesitate to seek the advice of Allopathic doctors.

There are actually now quite a few MD’s who are sympathetic to parent’s concerns about vaccination so find one who is. And remember, whatever you decide, you are doing the best for your child. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate is a personal question and a very personal decision.

At the end of the day every parent acts in the best interests of their child and on that count it is never about right or wrong in any absolute sense.

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