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Through shifting, staggered halls of endless night you came, appearing as once you did, as if no thing had changed, and in that dream of hope there was still possibility; that one day, given time, you would return to me … Continue reading

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Dis-ease comes from within, not from without

“Bernard was right. The microbe is nothing. The soil (body’s internal health/environment) is everything.”Dr. Louis Pasteur, French Chemist and Bacteriologist. Germs, bacteria, viruses etc., do not make us ill and in fact we live in harmony with many of them … Continue reading

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Science is not always right and it may be very wrong on vaccines It is very important to differentiate between what science says vaccination does in an orthodox sense; what science says vaccination might or can do in a broader … Continue reading

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Love’s leg

Love’s leg twisted like an insect broken on the ground,and truth did squat in waiting by the side of starving heart,as air grew heavy, screamed for yes, but when no came,could only laugh, like tinkled music on a radio set … Continue reading

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