Flags in sullen colours blew bruises on the day,
the memories fell dead, hope’s balloon had lost its way,
and grief did fish those waters, the spectre rising high,
a shroud upon the moment, to flush the waters dry.

Chromosomes did mutter in glue of life bestowed,
the mountain of eternity where God like liquid flowed,
as falling from the heights, that tragedy of life,
where years like raging pirates, waged in brutal strife.

The buffalo had gathered, saplings bowed their heads,
wildflowers lay like words, waiting to be read,
no famine in this birthing, the chorus wild and free,
as nature spoke in beauteous pun, laughing gleefully.

Love did wander widely, like deer on endless plain,
while Fates did dance through mindless minutes made,
in whirlwind of remembering, that clawing at the edge,
the streetlamp lit so fitfully; the past was surely dead.

The scales of now had settled into rocking space,
fossil held, the minute turned to stone, no grace,
oceans swallowed passion, the flesh of Eros cold;
decades drowned the days;youth had now grown old.


stimmyabby: flags, colors, bruises
Jules: dead, fish, balloon
thisgirlremembers: specter, shroud, flush
Barbara: chromosomes, mountain, glue
Debi: tragedy, God, pirates
Misky: magnolia, leaf, tree
James: buffalo, saplings, wildflowers
Viv: famine, pun, chorus
Elizabeth: love, deer, whirlwind
Nicole: clawing, scales, streetlamp
Irene: fossil, flesh, water

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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