When modern medicine sets out to hoodwink the body does it create confusion in our cells which makes it easier for them to be hoodwinked or tricked in general and subject to disease?

Cancer may trick the body but most of modern medicine does the same thing much of the time. Logic suggests the two may be connected.

While science/medicine does continue to ask questions and this article is a part of that process, I can only wonder how many make a connection between ‘how cancer acts,’ and how so much of modern medicine ‘works.’

Given the ancient presence of cancer as a disease there are obviously many triggers but perhaps the massive rise in cancer today, to one in two from one in ten in 1900, is linked to the actions of science/medicine and the pharmaceutical methodology it relies upon to a very large degree. A methodology which did not exist a century ago and which was not used in the way it now is, until probably 60 years ago, must have an impact on the individual human body and its capacity to function.

In a world of mass medication for diseases people do not have and may never get and often from childhood, the question must be asked: Yes, but what does it do to the body?

Every action has an effect and subjecting the body to unnatural, artificial substances in the form of medications and processes, designed to ‘trick,’ or to use the word in this article ‘hoodwink’ the body must have an effect which involves confusion. How long does it take an immune system, and no doubt some are more robust than others, to become permanently ‘confused’ and unable to accurately identify Self and Other; Friend or Foe?

All that interventionist ‘maybe medicine,’ often in the form of experimental, synthesised drugs, may be meddling which, ultimately confuses the body and creates more disease.

‘Our bodies produce thousands of different molecular messages, and drug developers have taken advantage of this fact by synthesizing ‘imposter’ messages that mimic the chemistry and shape of our natural molecules. In fact many drugs used in medicine today achieve their results by preventing natural signals from engaging their receptors.’ From Secrets of Your Cells, Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence, by Sondra Barrett, PhD.

Doctors and patients, who would be horrified to be so ‘tricked’ by those who set out to deceive and who ‘dress’ and ‘act’ and ‘talk’ in recognisable ways and yet are imposters, think nothing of ‘tricking’ their cells and their body consistently.


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