Curse in the gift


The gift of intuition 
 is often full denied, 
by mind and the material,
by what we do decide.

And yet it is the heart which 
speaks in feelings and in sense;
revealing truths that we deny;
the soul’s wise competence.

There’s much which is not rational,
that cannot be explained,
and yet this knowing is the source
of wisdom sure regained.
The words unspoken hold a power,
a gift, presentiment, which draws
us toward common sense;
and guides us in the present.
It takes enormous courage,
to trust these inner words,
of whispered faint imaginings-
against mind’s shouted curse.
But once we take the leap,
we find that heart is fully bound,
in leading us to greater truths;
to firm and surer ground.
Remember when the curse
appears, that hidden truly deep,
will be a gift of something;
the choice is yours to keep.
And even when a gift presents,
remember that it holds,
in light and certain surety,

a curse which will unfold.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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