Life brings the unexpected into our world,
things not once imagined, nor conceived,
and yet birthed raw and brutal as reality;
that which even nightmare did not bring.

We sail the dark and shining seas at will,
through heart and mind, past hope and fear,
touching lightly upon distant possibilities;
 never can we know what Fate draws near.

Shocked by sudden icebergs deeply hidden,
the horrors that rise out of oceans deep,
bright grief, dark pain which seeks to drown;
hard destiny, our future, closely keeps.

Perhaps the angels do protect and hold,
the truth of what the years will sudden bring,
for knowing what will come to be in time,
would only cause more pain; an endless keen.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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1 Response to Unexpected

  1. lynndiane says:

    Yes, “life brings the unexpected into our world”, which can be good, or not. As for knowing the future, “ignorance is bliss” (I’m glad we’re protected).

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