Bell of midnight

wewordle #3

Bell of midnight sounded deep,
the fears fled underground,
a coin was placed upon the eye;
the moment fractured now.

Illusory became this world,
yet stars like topaz shone,
angel voice in lilting tones;
feathered like a swan.

Dreams did ebb in misty throng,
the moon birthed inner force,
electricity in nightmares;
to give the soul it’s course.

Scales of doubt were lifting,
fluttering through pain,
kindling fires to burn within;
signals of hope’s gain.

Goddesses in lapiz robes,
trod lithe and light beside,
to lift the haze eternal;
let Spirit fame deride.

Thoughts baroque did linger,
mishapen and profound,
the lyricism of the mind;
time spread on fallow ground.

The fire in roaring leaping,
did burn in closet heart,
alchemical the breath of words;
the joke of life made art.

As soul held steady brush,
with water to dilute,
the demons drew pedantic;
so death was resolute.

Upon the shelf Akashic,
stood memories in rows,
the boatman ever waiting;
eternal path full known.

midnight, underground, coin (Annell)
fractured, illusory, topaz (Jules Paige)
electricity, tones, swan (Robyn Greenhouse)
moon, ebb, throng (Debi Swim)
scales, burn, give (Barbara)
fluttering, kindling, signals (Elizabeth)
lithe, lapis, haze (Nicole)
baroque, lyricism, goddesses (Irene)
roaring, fame, closet (Marian Veverka)
joke, fire, leaping (Sara, Purple in Portland)
breath, words, water (Ms. Pie)
brush, shelf, pedantic (Misky)

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Editor, writer, poet.
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