Monsoon rains

Umbrella raised as unfurled whisper,
to hang through sodden mood, released
like dreams of strawberry perfumed,
and fresh-baked bread, those images
seen running toward home as thunder
crashed, sun smirked behind fishnet
clouds, the wanting storm unsweetened,
no sugar for the day, just hissing rain
upon the floor of earth, dissolving,
rattling, liquid siren sloughing down
the window; torrential liquid strings,
soft mumble at the panes; as monsoon
stirs abandoned to the season and kisses
dawn which floats beneath night’s eyes,
surrendered, phoenix-like to rise again
as morning, scrubbed and glorious.

Words to use:

Annell: umbrella, whisper, hang
Viv: strawberry, mood, bread,
Elizabeth: thunder, home, running
Nicole: fishnet, sun, smirked
Robyn: sugar, storm, wanting
Marilyn: floor, hissing, rain
Denise: rattling, siren, window
Jules: mumble, strings, stirs,
Pamela: abandoned, dawn, floats
Irene: scrubbed, morning, glorious


About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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3 Responses to Monsoon rains

  1. kaykuala says:

    You used all the 30 words! It’s just amazing. It flowed beautifully rosross!


  2. julespaige says:

    I like how we can take the same thirty words and tell completely different stories. Mine was about a traffic stop I witnessed.
    I hope though that you get more rain when you need it than just for one season.

    I really liked this description:
    ‘…liquid siren sloughing down
    the window; torrential liquid strings,
    soft mumble at the panes;’

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