Only a fool keeps doing the same thing and expecting a different result…..

I know I keep harping on about the damage done by science/medicine but I happen to believe it is important.

In this day and age, particularly in the First World which has no excuses, people should have better health not worse. And the simple fact is people do have worse health and it gets even worse by the day, week, month and year.

Children in particular have never been so sick, have never had such high cancer rates, have never had such high allergy rates, have never had such high asthma rates and have never had such poorly functioning immune systems. Something is very, very wrong and it won’t be set to rights until people recognise that something is very, very wrong.

What we call modern medicine, although it has many barbaric and backward qualities, or Allopathy, has been promising for more than a century that it will cure this or cure that or rid the world of this disease or that disease and yet what has happened – all of it has not only come to nothing, but the diseases it told us it would conquer are back and in force. It has failed utterly.

Of course it has brilliant skills, but only where its mechanistic/materialistic mindset can be applied. Reconstructive surgery is thoroughly wonderful; treatment in a crisis or emergency is exceptional, although it may create problems for later down the track, but in the moment of greatest need, it does perform, and, and, and…. well that is about it!

Allopathy treats many things which were once considered untreatable, certainly after the Christian church was instrumental in killing off the women who practised medicine, but it doesn’t cure. Or rather, it very rarely cures.

How often do you meet someone who says: I went to the doctor for my arthritis, diabetes, eczema, heart palpitations and I was cured? You don’t. You meet people who are being treated for these conditions and who are never cured.

How often does a doctor hand over a prescription and say: You will need to take these for the rest of your life? Often. Too often. That is not medicine. That is not healing. That is seeking to manage a symptom and chronic illness.

And yet with such an approach Allopathy pats itself on the back and maintains its practice of Fear-based medicine and the public swallows the huge pill of delusion, along with the half dozen or more daily pharmaceuticals, and staggers into the unhealthy future.

Why on earth do people put up with it? Because they are frightened. Because they are terrified of taking responsibility for their own health. Because they believe the propaganda spewed out by  Allopathy, because that means someone else is responsible for their health and it is easier. Do what the doctor tells you and it will never be your fault.

And much of Allopathy is blame oriented – against the patient that is. It is the patient’s fault that antibiotics are abused and overused because the poor doctor has to write out the prescription because that is what the patient wants! Ridiculous. Doctors are very good at saying no when it suits them but not for something like antibiotics. Why not? Even more so now as we face the reality of how Allopathy has squandered this wonderful and life-saving resource. Well, it isn’t all their fault, science has played a part encouraging its use in the food production industry but doctors have been out there at the front since antibiotics were first discovered.

Don’t get me wrong, Allopathy has brought comfort and new lives to many people where it restores sight, hearing, re-attaches limbs, repairs broken parts – all areas which fall into the mechanistic where Allopathy excels because it is the foundation of the methodology – but when it comes to sickness, beyond the immediate crisis, it fails more often than not.

And one thing it does not do is make or keep people healthy. And since healthy people do not get sick very often then keeping people healthy should be the main focus of any medical methodology. It is of Homeopathy and TCM! And Allopathy says this is what it does but the reality demonstrates the opposite.

All those vaccinations, all those antibiotics, all those invasive tests and procedures and in the First World, where all of those things are most available, and more people see more doctors more often,  people are sicker than they have ever been before. Syphilis is back, so is tuberculosis, gonorrhea and now rickets and a host of other diseases which plagued the past – whatever modern medicine is doing it is not keeping people well and in fact is probably instrumental in making them sick.

Why with more medicine, more drugs, more vaccinations, more tests, more procedures is human health deteriorating and Iatrogenic, doctor or medical induced now the third biggest killer after heart disease and cancer?

Why, if modern medicine is all it says it is have cancer rates risen, not dropped, risen from one in ten in 1900 when people actually lived with poorer sanitation and nutrition, to one in two today when people live with better nutrition and sanitation and when modern medicine is supposedly there to help.

Why have chronic illnesses like diabetes increased astronomically? Why have childhood cancers increased at even greater rates than adults? Why have chronic illnesses like asthma increased astronomically, particularly in children? Why are allergies endemic and disabling in the First World – the world which gets the most and supposedly the best medicine?

We live in a time when medicine meddles more than it has ever done before, from birth to death and a time when more people suffer from ill health and spend their lives with chronic illness which is never cured, only maintained, monitored and maybe managed. Something is wrong.

The medical claim is that people live longer but surely the important thing is that people live better and healthier lives. Who wants a long life of chronic suffering? Apart from which the data on which longevity rests in arrogant stance is skewed by higher rates of infant and child mortality in the past caused by poor nutrition and poor sanitation. Health rates began to improve from the moment nutrition and sanitation improved, not from the time modern medicine came into being with its vaccines, pharmaceuticals, tests and procedures.

Tests and procedures I might add, which, with the recent research, are being shown to do more harm than good as often as not. The entire system of testing is yet another aspect of the massive profit machine which is modern medicine. It is also sourced in the narrow and limited mechanistic mindset which makes Allopathy so often ineffective if not destructive.

It is also a part of the Fear and Blame-based nature of Allopathy where you, the patient, are held accountable for your illness because of all the things you have done wrong and you, the patient are appointed to be a security guard to your body, which is in essence, your enemy, the doctor being the soldier/s, and must be watched, mistrusted and feared.

All that time, effort and fear, not to mention guilt, for poorer health than ever. All that money for the science/medical industry!

The nation which has the most vaccinations and consumes most of the world’s pharmaceuticals including 80% of the world’s painkillers, the US, is also the sickest with the lowest longevity rates.

And surely, if Allopathic medicine was as good as it says it is then hospitals would get smaller, not bigger, because people would be healthier. Hospitals today are the equivalent of the enormous temples and palaces of ancient times – huge edifices which keep rising up faster and faster as people get sicker and sicker.

Logic, pure old fashioned logic and common sense suggest that if doctors really could keep people well then there would be less need for hospitals. And it also suggests that if Allopathy was about health then the system would not now be third on the list of killers. The two others are diseases – one of which Allopathy promised to vanquish decades ago – and for the medical system itself to stand alongside cancer and heart disease as the greatest threat to your life is quite simply, criminal.

Only a fool keeps doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  Modern medicine has been promising to cure this or that and make people healthier for decades and the opposite is the result. Little wonder billions are turning toward traditional medical methodologies like Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The thing which differentiates Allopathy from all other medical methodologies is the one thing which will ultimately be found to have sabotaged its effectiveness and contributed to its often deadly destructiveness – the belief that the human body is no more than material, a collection of atoms, molecules and chemicals, to be approached as one would a car, washing machine or any other mechanical construction.

What science/medicine so conveniently forgets is that cars and washing machines are made by human beings and they can be stripped down and restored in mechanical fashion, very effectively but human beings are not made – as in designed, created and constructed – by human beings and they cannot be stripped down and restored in mechanical fashion as one would a car.

The Allopathic approach to the human body is quite simply ridiculous. As ridiculous as believing we can ‘take apart’ a cloud, mountain, ocean, plant and put it back together so it ‘runs’ more efficiently.

Older medical methodologies were never so stupid or so limited. They took and take the view that the human body is a complete organism and nothing happens in isolation – everything is connected and only when that fact is taken into account can there be true and lasting – the operative word here being lasting – healing. That means cured; not in remission, not in a state of chronic ill-health; not on medication for the rest of your life; not having checkups every few months or years – cured, end of story, cured!

Allopathy services bodies in the same way a car is serviced although such an approach works far better with a car than a body. And therein lies the utter failure of so much of what is called modern medicine.

The simple fact is this, if you want to be well, stay as far away from your doctor as possible and take responsibility for your own health; treat your body with the respect and consideration that it deserves, and if you are unwell, unless it is a crisis, explore every other medical methodology first and leave the Allopaths until last.

Iatrogenic Disease: The 3rd Most Fatal Disease in the USA Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., D.A.C.B.N., M.S.


Iatrogenic Disease is defined as a disease that is caused by medical treatment.

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