Being in the now

Why is it in this insane world
that what I do is wrong,
despite the fact that at the time,
it was all there was to do?
Decisions made are cast in stone,
and sit along the path,
I’ve walked and crawled and run
upon, to find my way at last.
And then to find that what I did,
was not what others want;
that what was good is really bad,
and makes no sense at all.
It’s time to laugh and tell myself,
that all is as it was,
because there was no other choice;
don’t blame me – blame God!
We do our best, however flawed,
we make our way with doubt,
which rides the hump of sanity,
to drag us from the swamps.
But what is right and what is wrong,
and how much does it matter,
when life is just mere moments pulled,
through time’s eternal mangle?
We are all flawed, we are all weak
and yet we are so strong,
to make our way through all that is;
to live what was begun.
What counts in this deep vale
of tears, in this mad, crazy world,
is living love, forgiving self,
and being in the Now!


About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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