The first thought on waking, or is that a feeling
which edges into dreaming mind as if it had
been waiting, just beyond the place of
consciousness, as if it had been resting through
the long and littered night of raddled reason,
where deep imaginings did pull, like ropes
across the abyss between the world material
and that of spiritual, where life is lived beyond
atoms and molecules, in realms of vibration
and waves which have no need to become
particles but which can morph in and out
of any manifestation which mind would
have them be; in a place where walls and
doors cannot inhibit or close in, but are mere
additives to construct and to image – porous,
elastic, easily released to allow passage from
one side to another; where there are no rules
as we have them in this universe made manifest,
where the implicate is revealed as explicate,
and the pattern is drawn from the source of all;
where the material does matter because we
believe so powerfully in its reality and its truth,
as we perceive it through the paradigm of belief.

About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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