Nature does not lie

Nature does not lie or pervert
the truth, said Paracelsus.
But when men made God
in their image, it was easy,
to use words, to distort
the truth of Nature and,
of this world, and everything
in it. Creeping through musty
corridors of theology and
power, writing with cramped
hands and crimped quills,
on dry, unforgiving parch
ment, they fabricated.

As they felt, denied the material
world, its truth; the universe
of Mater, Mother, which
brought forth and gave birth,
to all they were, and was the
source of Spirit, until in time,
veracity had been disguised,
and ego held court in the
minds of mere men, where
that which was not understood,
could be dismissed, as being
of no consequence, and only
that which could be labelled,
rational, empirical, cerebral,
would be accepted and respected.

But Nature does not lie or pervert
the truth, and it is in the nature
of that world which gives birth,
to us and all that is; which
supports and nourishes and
contains creation in all of its
manifestations, that if we hold
an ear to the ground, like Paracelsus,
the whisper will gain strength,
and once again, Sophia will smooth,
her  creased and dusty dress,
and speak all that, which we
so desperately need to hear.


About rosross

Editor, writer, poet.
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